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The Saker on “Our Fundamental Disagreement About WWII, Hitler, Jews and Race”

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Western views of Jews, Jewish identity politics, and Zionism are extremely polarized these days. The mainstream world seems enslaved to Zionist propaganda caricatures; while perhaps in reaction to the appalling lies and omissions of the MSM, increasing numbers of alt-right dissidents have gravitated toward severely anti-Jewish views.

The Saker—one of the anglophone world’s most important voices on Russia-related strategic issues—recently incited a constellation of controversies with his new article “Our Fundamental Disagreement About WWII, Hitler, Jews and Race.” He wrote me: “Do you know that I never got as much hate mail as for that article about Russia and Jews…I REALLY pissed a lot of people off.”

What are the Saker’s fundamental disagreements with the people sending him angry comments and emails? “First of all, there is my philosophical position: that Jews share common humanity with all of us. I don’t see them as a separate group that has some kind of unique, different quality.” He goes on to assert that Westerners who don’t like Jews “are actually the mirror image of what they accuse Jews of doing. They say Jews are supremacists, and then they say, at the same time, that Jews are somehow fundamentally different. Well, that’s denying our common humanity. And I don’t care who does it. If it’s done by a rabbi or if it’s done by a nazi, the message is the same: ‘There are some people who are better and more important and more valuable than others.'”

Among the many other points raised in this interview:

*The Russian monarchy wasn’t overthrown by Jews or (80% Jewish) Bolsheviks, it was overthrown by freemasonic Russian elites.

*19th century Russian radical movements were not dominated by Jews the way Bolshevism was.

*Historically, Poland and Polish-occupied Ukraine witnessed a much more intense and fraught relationship between Jews and non-Jews than Russia did.

*Many of the nations that fought in World War II committed horrific atrocities; but however we evaluate them, one thing the Nuremburg Tribunals got right was to establish forever the fact that aggression is the worst war crime, the ultimate war crime, the one that includes and entails all of the others.

*Putin’s attendance at the World Holocaust Forum in Occupied Jerusalem was about mourning victims of World War II, not endorsing Zionist ideology.

*But yes, Russia does unfortunately tilt toward Israel more than Palestine, because Russia has a significant and powerful Jewish population but no Palestinian/Arab population.

*Russia perceives NATO, not Israel, as its biggest threat: “Russia has been preparing for a full-scale conventional and/or nuclear war with the West for at least five years now. They hope to avoid it. They will do their utmost to not give (NATO) a pretext (to attack). But they know that this is the ultimate danger. And they’ve bought enough time. Now Russia is basically non-attackable by the United States…so the next level is, what about a local conflict? Iran is the clear example now, with the murder of Gen. Soleimani. The Russians do see that Israel has a hand in that. But I don’t think they think that Israel always is the single explanation for everything the Empire does.”

*”I’m absolutely convinced that everyone in Russia knows that 9/11 was an inside job. But they also realized that saying that openly was absolutely suicidal for them, because they could never prevail, no matter what kind of proof they present, and it would just be dismissed.”





4 Thoughts to “The Saker on “Our Fundamental Disagreement About WWII, Hitler, Jews and Race””

  1. maisoon

    What an obvious controlled opposition this Saker is, an apologist for Jew sand Zionists and an apologist for Putin and Russia overall.
    There have been many writers who have stated that it was the Bolshevik Jews who murdered and thus brought down the Russian Royal Family {Jews HATED the Russian King who they plotted eagerly to punish which they did in bloody spades] putting the blame on others is frankly disingenuous! The vast majority of the Bolshevik leadership were Jewish., something I find Russia and Putin are very keen to ignore and conceal as they don’t want to upset their Jewish Oligarchs who helped put Putin in Power just as the Jews of America put Trump in power- He was not democratically voted in by the populace but by rigging and installed by the Deep Shadow Jewish State that runs and controls America which has become the United States of Israel, taking all its orders from Tel Aviv.
    Russia works closely with Jews and Israel and so never views it a s a threat to Russia which is under Jewish Control but they wont tell you that.

    Russia is a self serving selfish nation just like China is- they don’t care about any other Nation or abuse of Human rights etc- all they care about is their own Political Economic and strategic interests and thus are not benevolent in their dealings with other countries like Syria or Iran, or parts of Africa and Latin America
    I have read enough material over 20 years that suggest that Putin is a Freemasonic Zionist as is the Chinese Leadership, both following Jewish Communist ideologies and Putin is a phony Russian Orthodox Christian just like other phony Christians like John Kerry,Sarkosy and Trump are.

    These people are godless and are serving the Noahide Judaic Laws, making sure they are implemented throughout their countries. China for decades under Mao was a Jewish based Communist Construct and the Chinese idolised Zionism just as Mao did, mentored by his Jewish Handlers and who used to pay regular visits to Israel. Putin too has paid many visits to Israel and has been approached by the rabid Chabad Lubavitch Cult to help them build their Jewish Pagan Temple where their Rabbis wish to resume their ‘Animal’ sacrifice- Goyim being the animal/cattle. utin went to tel Aviv t commemorate the Jewish Holocaust visitng Yad Vashem so please Saker don’t lie and sya he was there to remember WW2 victims- Yad Vashem is PURELY JEWISH commemoration and Jews never REMMEMBER the Millions of people who died in both WW1 and WW2 which THEY instigated and funded yet they have the gall to claim eternal victimhood
    Putin is another Helper of the Jews to usher in their Moshiach which he is very keen to do.He IS a supporter of Israel, great buddies with the Polish Settler Netanyahu and he supports Chabad Lubavitch within Russia who mentor him as they do the criminal Trump, Trump and Putin both are funded and supported by the Jewish Oligarch Mafia Gangsters.

    Russia is not really helping Syria. It has never stopped Israel bomb Syria- not once!! I believe Russia and Putin are the eyes and ears Spies for Israel in Syria and Russia has always liaised with Israel militarily in Syria- that is not being a true friend and Ally of Syria.Russia did nothing when Israel shot down their Passenger plane which they used as a Human shield alongside its Missiles!!
    So Saker for me is an apologist, in denial of Israel’s true role in all political affairs and in denial of the Bolshevik and Russian history both of which involved massive war crimes and crimes against Humanity perpetrated by Communist Russia
    The Khazars originate from Russia/Ukraine/Turkic Regions and more than half of Jewish Squatter Settlers in ALL of Occupied Palestine are from the former Soviet Union Bloc.

    Keep in mind the Simpsons cartoon that predicted 9/11, predicted Trump’s Presidency and also his assassination which no doubt will be blamed on some Muslim or Iranian fall guy but Jews and Israel always use and abuse all their puppets of which brainwashed and autistic minded Trump is as they installed him and played to his corrupt ego by telling him he is the new King Cyrus, risen for Eretz Israel to usher in their Moshiach

    Gabbard is Pro Israel as is Bernie Sanders who IS a dual national of Israel!
    Russia and China sadly are not Benevolent at all and I dont look forward to their rise as America declines just as the Jews intended it as they jump from one Parasitic Host to another, sucking up the blood of their hosts.

    Finally it is alarming just how much SAKER sounds like NETANYAHU!

      1. Nick

        These are just regular guys dealing with the information they have in a normal way. Give them a break. They may seem capable of ferreting out more accurate information if they tried, and of reasoning more thoroughly about the information, but perhaps they’re less capable than they should be when it comes to this subject because Jews.

  2. maisoon

    No sorry I will not give them a break. They are LAY people like me although they supposedly have more academic or journalistic qualification than I do all the more reason why they should and must do diligent r historical and political research which should always lead them to and base them on the Facts and the Truth. You cannot keep dodging the bullet and being politically correct in or der to ‘save the feelings of the Jews’ who have never ever consider the feelings and heartaches of Gentiles/Goyim at all as their world revolves around them and their evil agenda for our world which I want no part of.
    I am sick to death of the Anti Semitic ruse they use to silence intellectual debates and free discussions.
    Many Russians like Putin and Saker prefer to brush over Russian history that has been dominated by Jews since the Bolshevik era, refusing to recognise the huge and damaging role Russian Jews [and those in America/UK] played in the mass murder of millions of Christian Russians both under Jews like Trotsky, Lenin and others as well as under their puppet Stalin.
    So no, I will not ‘give them a break’- Truth is truth which should never fear any questions and if you are not prepared to identify the world’s really shared enemy of both Muslims and Christians and in fact all of Gentiles, or to expose their many sadistic Conspiracies against us all, then you should not be in the Truth movement.
    I am a Layperson with no academic qualifications to speak of but have spent the last 22 years reading, researching , watching endless videos from many sources and basing my views on such material and I am not afraid to call a spade a spade- I will not be silenced just to please a few who think they have a God given right to rule the many and that our world was created and belongs to them.
    Saker must stop being disingenuous and stop being an apologist for this minority group that has wreaked havoc, terrorism, Wars and racism upon Humanity especially on my People and Muslims in the Middle East and Asia while they perish at the hands of these godless Jews and their Talmudic Noahide mind-set that is an anathema to truth and justice as well as to our spiritual, moral and political freedoms
    You are either for the Truth or you are not- no grey areas here, no compromises-
    ‘In international law, war propaganda is the most serious crime because it makes all other crimes possible.’- Thierry Meyssan, french intellectual and founder of Voltaire Network
    ‘The further a society drifts from truth, the more it will hate those who speak it. – George Orwell’

    “All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent.” – Thomas Jefferson

    “There are only two mistakes one can make along the road to truth; not going all the way, and not starting.” – Buddha

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