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Historian Michael Hoffman Gets Hate Mail from Hitler Supporters

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First hour: Michael Hoffman , author of the new book Adolf Hitler: Enemy of the German People, recently elicited over 600 comments with his Unz Review post mourning the victims of the firebomb holocaust of Dresden. (Read “The People Who Were Burned to Ashes on Ash Wednesday.”) A fair number of comments espoused a pro-Hitler position. The uproar continued as Hoffman received hate mail objecting to his strong disagreements with the neo-Nazi current.

In this interview Michael Hoffman explains: “I recognize that there are plenty of decent people who are confused, or have been spoonfed disinformation—and some of my fellow revisionists are partly responsible, though probably not consciously—that they can be led to believe that Hitler was…what’s circulating right now, the latest propaganda line to recruit people, is that Hitler was the savior of Europe, because had he not invaded the Soviet Union in June 1941, then Stalin would have rolled over Germany and taken possession of Europe. It’s a fairy tale…once you’ve been introduced to it, then you’re escorted to other aspects of the mythology about Hitler, which my book Adolf Hitler: Enemy of the German People (debunks)…”

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