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Linh Dinh in Laos: White Immigrant Invasion Alert!

Vientiane, 2020

Listen HERE

And read Linh’s new article (featuring material discussed in this interview) HERE.

Some of my Veterans Today friends and colleagues (readers as well as editors) visited Southeast Asia in the 1960s. Their task: Spread death and degeneracy on behalf of Operation Apocalypse Now. Today, Westerners are still spreading death and degeneracy in Southeast Asia, but in a kinder and gentler way—at least if you consider drunken headbutting and corrupting the local women as kinder and gentler than bombing the sh*t out of the place and corrupting the local women.

Anyone with eyes to see knows the West is a festering pustule of corruption, oozing its virulent miasma over the rest of the planet…much of which welcomes the rot and decay. Islam is the only medicine capable of curing a planetary culture suffering from such an advanced stage of illness.

Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today Editor

Linh Dinh, America’s greatest poet-essayist-photographer-laureate-in-exile, was informally banned from what passes for the American literary world after he began telling too much truth about such events as 9/11. Today he is more or less based in Vietnam, but seems to spend much of his time roaming around Asia.

Savannakhet, 2020

One Thought to “Linh Dinh in Laos: White Immigrant Invasion Alert!”

  1. Amin Abdullah

    Wherever hungry-materialisyically and spritually-starving people sprawl (a lethal combination), one can only expect pain, fear, suffering and corruption to come with them. Whether it is today or a few centuries back.

    And yes, Islam is the only medicine to cure humanity from its ills, for it addresses the materialistic aspect as well as the spiritual aspect of a man’s earthly journey. Christianity (of today at least) does not remind its followers that they ought to labor hard (against external forces as well as against their own negative tendencies) to gain Allah’s Salvation : “Accept Jesus as your lord and savior, and you are good to go to paradise”, christians are told.

    That is not to say that muslims are ok. Muslims today, in most cases, have relegated Islam to culture and traditions, which makes their societies a fertile breeding ground for the ills exported from other places.

    Examples :

    “How U.S. Firms Helped Africa’s Richest Woman Exploit Her Country’s Weal” :

    “The Yahi were the first Yana group to suffer from the Californian Gold Rush, as their lands were the closest to the gold fields”

    Kill and destroy first, then optionally repent later.

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