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China: Brutal or Benign? Ellen Brown vs. Peter Myers! Plus: Gordon Duff on Soleimani murder & looming WW3

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Ellen Brown rebuts the anti-China position Peter Myers articulated on my previous show. Peter Myer responds.  One key issue: Has China been making tremendous strides towards ecological sustainability, as Andre Vltchek and John Cobb argue?  We’ll reference Ellen’s latest article on the Green New Deal and how to finance it.

Ellen says China’s mostly-public banking sector points the way toward a better and more sustainable way of doing business. She adds that China like all countries has corrupt elements and negative aspects, but that we shouldn’t let negatives dominate our perception of the country as a whole.

Peter Myers counters that while he agrees that China’s public banking is better than Western private banking, China’s crimes against Uyghurs and Tibetans, its Orwellian surveillance and repression, and its increasing tendencies towards imperialism are being ignored by the alternative media—much the same way Stalin’s crimes were ignored, for ideological reasons, by leftist dissidents in the 1930s.


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