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FFWN: London Bridge Terror: Fake Reformed Fake Jihadist in Fake Suicide Belt (with Lucy Morgan Edwards)


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This week’s co-host is Dr. Lucy Morgan Edwards, Former Political Advisor to the EU Ambassador in Afghanistan and author of The Afghan Solution.


1) FFWN Was Talking About Epstein YEARS Ago — Help Us Keep Talking!

2) Pearl Harbor Day Tomorrow: New Kimmel-Tarpley Debate Article

London Bridge TerrorFake Reformed Fake Jihadist in Fake Suicide Belt

3) UPDATED: London Bridge “terror attack” — another false flag?

4) London Bridge attack: suspect wearing fake explosive vest shot dead after fatal stabbing

5) London Bridge stabber Usman Khan faked being a reformed jihadist

6) London Bridge terrorist was banned from entering London but was given a one-day exemption to attend ex-convict event

Mad King Trump?

7) Trump would become a king if impeachment fails, scholar warns

8) Mueller, Barr, Giuliani, Comey, and Kallstrom Once Did False Flag Terror Together—Now Trump Has Them Fight Each Other  Part 2:  Part 3: 

Will Trump End Endless Afghan War?

9) Inside Trump’s sneak Thanksgiving trip to Afghanistan

10) Afghanistan Needs Billions in Aid Even After a Peace Deal, World Bank Says

Trump=Gog Bibi=Magog? Or Vice Versa? 

11) REPORT: Trump and Netanyahu Finalize Pact to Be Military Allies in Gog and Magog

12) Thankfully, JFK didn’t bite on nuke plans (but Might Trump Bite on Bibi’s?)

#1 Global Threat to Peace

13) Seeking immunity? Netanyahu vies for six more months as PM ‘only to annex Jordan Valley’

14) Stumbling block for peace’: UN General Assembly calls on Israel to withdraw from Syria’s Golan Heights

15) French lawmakers pass resolution calling Israel hatred a form of anti-Semitism

16) Calgary City Council Reject IHRA Definition of Anti-Semitism, Canadian Government Backs UN Resolution Critical of Israel,

War on Iran Collapsing

17) Six more countries join Trump-busting Iran barter group


Global War on Islam Too?

19) As House Passes Uighur Bill, Beijing Urges US to ‘Immediately Correct Its Mistakes’

20) Muhammad makes list of top 10 baby names in the U.S. for first time

Epstein Didn’t Kill Himself

20.5) Epstein & Junkermann: September 1, 2002 – The Secret Senators and the Wexner War on Iraq

21) Bill Clinton was Jeffrey Epstein’s closest ‘celebrity mate’ and a frequent guest at his New Mexico ranch

22) Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein were Mossad spies who used underage sex to blackmail politicians, ‘ex-handler’ claims

23) Epstein Truthers Are Obsessed With a Sci-Fi Book About Child Sex Slavery Written by Bill Barr’s Dad

24) LeMesurier Didn’t Kill Himself Either

TechoWar on Humanity

25) 5G Cell Phone Radiation: How the Telecom Companies Are Losing the Battle to Impose 5G Against the Will of the People

26) Toddlers already addicted to smartphones & tablets

27) Biometrics: Coming Soon to Your School Cafeteria

28) Ministry of Pharma: The 2020 National Vaccine Plan

29) No 5 G for Israel,

30) Climate and the Money Trail by William Engdahl

Savage Inequalities

31) ‘Dangerous’: UK’s six richest people have as much wealth as poorest 13m, study shows, prompting outrage online

32) The wolf that ate Wall Street: US economy roars amid rising income inequality

33) PROTECTING OLIGARCHY: US to help ‘legitimate Latin American govts’ to PREVENT protests from ‘morphing into riots’ – Pompeo

Holocaust Industry

34) Judicial Inquiry: Holocaust Revisionist Is NOT a Holocaust Denier

35) Poland’s Ruling Elite Want to Hand Over 30% of Residential Property to Holocaust Survivors

36) Amazon pulls Auschwitz-themed Christmas ornaments

2 Thoughts to “FFWN: London Bridge Terror: Fake Reformed Fake Jihadist in Fake Suicide Belt (with Lucy Morgan Edwards)”

  1. Amin Abdullah

    According to MEMRI this Saudi princess is into conspiracy theories :

    Have her on your show..She calls jihadists for hire “simpletons”.

    1. Amin Abdullah

      I forgot to add : don’t push her too far. The clanship and pre-islamic tribal attitudes of some members of her family are so strong, they won’t hesitate to chop-chop-slurp-bing-bang her head on a public parking lot after Friday prayer. But it is only temporary, because rumor has it, they stitch the head to the body before burial. Maybe it is part of a secret medical research program for head transplant.

      Like that 19 yo saudi princess, who in 1977 tested her grand-father and found herself dispatched to the Hereafter :

      I remember being in my early teens and reading about it (with pictures) in ‘Paris Match’. It was very unsettling to say the least.

      Maybe brother Kevin it is time to go to Hajj. That’s the only way to know if there is a sword with your name on it !?!. (lol)

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