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FFWN: How to keep sheeple from ruining your Thanksgiving: Watch False Flag Weekly News!

Broadcasts live Thursday, November 28, 11 to noon Eastern on Kevin’s YouTube Channel…more family fun than the Macy’s parade!

Happy Red Pill Thanksgiving!

1) Be Thankful You’ve Still Got FFWN—We Are Thankful for Your Support!

2) How to keep conspiracy theories from ruining your Thanksgiving (PBS)

War on Iran for Israel?

3) Netanyahu’s Get-out-of-Jail Card… War With Iran

4) Kevin Barrett and Gilad Atzmon on Netanyahu’s Indictment-Press TV, the Debate

5) Iran Celebrates Victory over Zio-American-Incited Color Revolution Riots   for info on Basij force and why it makes Iran invulnerable to war & regime change see:

6) Iran Guard chief warns US and allies not to ‘cross red lines’

Corbyn Won’t Apologize? Or Won’t STOP Apologizing? 

7) British Labour Party Puts Ban on Selling Arms to Israel on Election Platform

8) No apology from Jeremy Corbyn over Labour anti-Semitism claims

9) How Corbyn Must Apologize

The Pernicious Anti-Semitic Myth of “Jewish Power”

10) Following Sacha Baron Cohen’s speech, here is ADL’s short list of social media accounts that should have been removed long ago

11) Kevin Responds to ADL

12) American Pravda: the ADL in American Society

13) World Jewish Congress: Billionaires, Oligarchs, Global Influencers for Israel

14) Orthodox Jews opening up their wallets for Trump in 2020

15) “Liberal Jew” Tom Friedman Still Loves 9/11-Launched 27 Million Muslim Holocaust for Israel

16) Mind-controlling parasites are “like a back-seat driver, but a bit more sinister”

Where’s Ghislaine? Hiding Behind Waldo?  



18) Ask Tulsi If She Will Stand with the Families and First Responders Demanding a New 9/11 Investigation

19) Minneapolis Miracle! Yet Another High-Rise Fire Does NOT Cause Building to Explode Into Pyroclastic Billows of Talcum Powder

Psychopaths R US

20) Satanists for 9/11 Truth? Michael Aquino on 9/11 Conspiracy Theories

21) Vets Blast Draft-Dodger Trump for Pardoning Cowardly Psychopathic Scumbag Murderer Ed Gallagher

Academic Unfreedom

22) ‘If they’re offended, that’s their problem’: Indiana University professor accused of sending racist, sexist tweets

23) Fire Professor Eric Rasmusen? Or Fire Provost Lauren Robel Instead?

Rockin’ in the Free World

24) Moroccan rapper gets year in prison for critical video

25) Fox’s Tucker Carlson questions Douma ‘chemical attack proof’ and roots for Russia on air. Off with his head, cry MSM

26) ‘Shock & awe’ for Sinaloa? Trump to declare Mexican cartels ‘terrorists’, won’t rule out DRONE STRIKES

27) Working-age Americans dying at higher rates, especially in economically hard-hit states

The Mootrix

28) Living in the Mootrix: Russian cows try out VR headsets to lighten their mood

One Thought to “FFWN: How to keep sheeple from ruining your Thanksgiving: Watch False Flag Weekly News!”

  1. John

    Hi Kevin,
    I was listening to your most recent live stream dated Jan 31 on YT but the Zionists disabled the comments. So here is my comment on the Corona virus scam.
    To this day the existence of viruses that cause so-called “viral infections” has never been scientifically substantiated. None of the alleged viruses has ever been isolated from a host cell nor has their DNA been properly identified, which are the basic criteria for the proof of the existence of a virus.
    1.Dr Lanka exposes the viral fraud.
    2.An open letter to professor John Oxford, world renowned influenza virologist.
    3.Measles put to the test, Dr Stefan Lanka wins in court.
    And here’s a short video on YT of all places showing some of the people behind the Ebola Hoax.


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