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David Icke: Who Did 9/11 and Why? Part One of a Two-Part Interview

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David Icke’s new book The Trigger really triggers some people…like The Washington Post‘s passive-aggressive book reviewer Ron Charles, who brags, shedding crocodile tears all the while:  “I banned a book. Or at least I helped get it banned, which makes Banned Books Week a little awkward for me this year.” 

When Charles saw that Barnes and Noble was displaying The Trigger he went ballistic:

 “The Trigger, Icke’s new self-published book, is 900 pages of harebrained word vomit. It claims that the official explanation of the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks is a lie to cover up the ‘massive and central involvement in 9/11 by Israeli government, military and intelligence operatives.’ This is consistent with his claims that the ‘satanic’ Mossad has had its hands in international drug running and the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Naturally, Icke is also a student of that anti-Semitic classic The Protocols of the Elders of Zion. “Given that content, I thought it was odd to see Barnes & Noble promoting The Trigger, so I sent a note to B&N’s corporate office asking about it. A day later, a spokesperson told me: ‘This book is sold by an independent publishing distributor, and was ordered for a sub-section called ‘Conspiracies’ in some stores. After being alerted to the content, we are removing the book from all stores.’

“Now you can’t even find The Trigger on Barnes & Noble’s website…”

If Icke is such a nut, and The Trigger is just “harebrained word vomit,” why would anyone—least of all a Washington Post book reviewer who pretends to hate censorship—feel the need to have it banned? The likely answer, of course, is that Charles knows or suspects, consciously or unconsciously, that Israel was behind 9/11.(1)

And why wouldn’t he? Even the most naive and cursory observer of 21st century geopolitics can see that Israel was the biggest beneficiary of 9/11, which brainwashed the whole world to hate Israel’s Muslim enemies, and hijacked the American military to attack and/or destroy nations that Israel considered a threat.

The accelerating epidemic of hysterical censorship offers eloquent testimony that many of the most prominent “conspiracy theories”—like the claim that Jeffrey Epstein didn’t really hang himself—are obviously true. Hysteria is a symptom of repression of truth. Nobody would use words like “harebrained word vomit” to describe a book, then call up Barnes and Noble to get it banned, unless they were afraid that its assertions might be well-founded.

David Icke’s  The Trigger: The Lie That Changed the World—Who REALLY Did It and Why offers plenty of undeniable truth, and hardly any serious mistakes, as far as I could determine in a single reading.(2) As a fifteen-year student of 9/11, I have been over this territory more than a few times, and can unequivocally state that The Trigger provides the most comprehensive account of 9/11 currently available in a single volume. If you read Christopher Bollyn’s Solving 9/11, Graeme MacQueen’s The 2001 Anthrax Deception, and (most importantly) the collected 9/11 works of David Ray Griffin, you would be covering most of the “what really happened on 9/11” ground that Icke rehashes in The Trigger. But you would still be missing out on a vitally important bit of historical background: the hidden history of satanic-Zionist millenarian fanaticism. That amazing history of Zionism as a 500-year-old heretical-messianic religious movement (not a 150-year-old secular nationalist movement as portrayed in the mainstream) is the key to understanding not just the genocide in Occupied Palestine, but also other occult aspects of the Western power elite, including its complicity in crimes like 9/11.

“Israel Did 9/11”: No Longer Controversial Among Those Who Have Done the Research

That Israel and its American assets and collaborators orchestrated 9/11 has been increasingly accepted by the independent scholars, journalists, and activists who are sometimes collectively referred to as the 9/11 truth movement. (For succinct statements see “9/11 Was an Israeli Job” by historian Laurent Guyénot,  “Israel’s Role in 9/11” by former CIA officer Philip Giraldi, or the Wikispooks entry “9/11: Israel Did It.”) But until now the only significant books advancing that thesis were Bollyn’s Solving 9/11 a couple of smaller volumes by Victor Thorn…and Laurent Guyénot’s magisterial From Yahweh to Zion, which situates 9/11 in its historical critique of Judaism.

Readers of From Yahweh to Zion can learn something from Icke’s book, which takes up where Guyénot’s leaves off by plunging into the history of Sabbateanism and Frankism—the  heretical, satanic offshoots of Judaism that provide the ideological and ethnic basis of Zionism and freemasonry. Icke calls the highest-level Sabbatean Frankists “the Death Cult” and identifies them with the Rothschild currency cabal—that intergenerational criminal enterprise with the enviable power to create most of the world’s currency out of nothing by lending it into existence at interest. (That those empowered to create currency in such manner run the world is not a conspiracy theory but a truism.)

Thousands of Damning Facts, Dozens of Smoking Guns

The first 440 pages of The Trigger weave together damning (to the official story) facts uncovered by such 9/11 researchers as David Ray Griffin, Graeme MacQueen, Elias Davidsson, Daniel HopsickerArchitects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth…and David Icke himself, who interviewed many firsthand sources in 2001 and 2002, publishing the result of his initial investigation as Alice in Wonderland and the World Trade Center Disaster (2002). The Trigger‘s deconstruction of the 9/11 big lie offers a solid, easy-to-read summary, spiced with Icke’s wiseass irony, of a great many of the best reasons to doubt the official story. Though some readers will be disappointed by the lack of footnotes, let’s face it, David Icke is not aiming for scholarly gravitas. Anyone who knows how to use a search engine—and knows that Google shadowbans truthful 9/11 information necessitating the use of alternatives and workarounds—can easily verify the sources of Icke’s assertions.

Is every one of those assertions as damning to the official story as it first appears? Quite likely not. Serious questions have been raised about some 9/11 truth movement claims, including the argument that no big jetliner impacted the Pentagon. But taken together, the thousands of damning facts, and dozens of smoking guns, constitute an ironclad cumulative case that the 9/11 Commission’s version of events is a load of rubbish.(2)

If you have already researched 9/11, much of Icke’s information will be familiar. But you’ll likely learn a few things too. For example, though I thought I had heard of just about everything proffered by 9/11 skeptics, I had somehow overlooked one of the key suspects: Richard Sheirer, then-Senior Vice President of Giuliani and Partners. Sheirer, nicknamed “Ground Zero’s Jewish Knight” after 9/11, headed both New York’s Office of Emergency Management and served as Director of New York City Homeland Security. According to Icke, Sheirer was involved in “mock terror drills,” presumably including the massive and unprecedented Tripod biological attack terror drill scheduled for NYC on 9/12/2001, which served as the excuse for bringing all terror related federal agencies, especially FEMA, into New York ahead of the 9/11 false flag. Tripod was only one of the 46 drills of 9/11/2001, by far the biggest pre-scheduled “national security special event day” in all American history.

Zionism: The Hidden, Hideous Truth

The second section of The Trigger also covers a lot of material I’m familiar with, in this case relating to Zionism’s genocide against Palestine, its seizure of power in the West, and its ever-more-desperate attempts to hide the truth through ever-more-outrageous censorship. Belaboring the unspeakable obvious, Icke writes: “Ultra-Zionist control of politicians—especially in the United States—is stunning and explains so much about 9/11. This control is mainly through funding and who gets it and who doesn’t.” In other words, it really is all about the Benjamins.

Icke persuasively argues that the ultra-Zionist liberals who fund the Democrats, like Haim “I’m a one-issue guy and my issue is Israel” Saban, and the ultra-Zionist conservatives who fund the Republicans, like Sheldon “I own Trump where’s my war with Iran” Adelson, are pursuing the same agenda. So is the Zionist-dominated media. But what is that agenda, exactly? Why is the endless bloody expansion of a supremacist “Jewish state” occupying Palestine so important to these people?

Discussions of Christian Zionism routinely recognize that fanatical messianic millenarianism is what it’s all about. The 40 million or so Christian Zionists in America have been brainwashed by the (likely Rothschild-fabricated) Scofield Bible to believe that God wants the Jews to invade Palestine and exterminate the native inhabitants in order to pave the way for the return of Jesus. When Jesus returns, the Christian Zionists claim, He will convert some of the Jews to Christianity and exterminate the rest—along with the mass of non-Christian-Zionist humanity. The good guys (the Christian Zionists themselves) will be beamed up, like in Star Trek, in a “Rapture,” while Jesus unleashes the final nuclear war to kill everyone else and send them straight to hell.

All right-thinking people know the Christian Zionists are nuts. But what about the Jewish Zionists?

Mainstream propaganda holds that Jewish Zionism is a rational secular nationalist movement—quite unlike the Zionism of those nutty Christian Scofield-Bible-thumpers. Even the most irrational bloody extremes of Jewish Zionism are excused by pious liberals who cite justifiable fears of persecution, pograms, and of course the sacred Holocaust in arguing that Jews have a good reason to to be fierce, bellicose…even murderous…as they build a powerful nation-state.

But those arguments don’t hold up under scrutiny. If Jews were really worried about persecution, would they invade and ethnically cleanse the Holy Land, making billions of people hate them? If Jews were worried about being exterminated en masse, would they really gather closely together on a small slice of blood-soaked stolen ground—greatly facilitating the task of any would-be mass exterminators, while giving billions of people good reason to contemplate attacking the Jewish occupiers in hopes of liberating the Holy Land and ending the Zionist genocide of its inhabitants?(4)

The Zionist invasion, occupation, and ethnic cleansing of Palestine is profoundly irrational. The claim that “it was our ancestors’ land thousands of years ago” is false, and would be absurd even if it were true. (It’s OK to mass murder and expel people from their land because you claim your ancestors lived there in ancient history?! Maybe some of my fellow American Celts will join me in a genocidal assault on Western Europe?!)

The Zionist claim that the Holocaust justifies the theft of Palestine is likewise absurd. Palestinians didn’t perpetrate any Jewish holocaust.

Given the raving, maniacal, bloody irrationality of the Zionist project, we must consider the possibility that Jewish Zionists, like Christian Zionists, are driven by fanatical quasi-religious ideology. And that is in fact the case. Jewish and Christian Zionism are mirror images: They are both driven by heretical millenarian, messianic ideologies.

In The Trigger, David Icke argues that Jewish Zionism is based on Sabbatean Frankism: a millenarian blend of the respective satanisms of the famous false messiah Sabbatai Zevi (1626-1676) and his later follower Jacob Frank (1726-1791). According to Icke, the followers of Zevi and Frank, the original proponents of the so-called Jewish return to Israel, make up the “Death Cult” at the core of Zionism and Freemasonry. They are devoted to systematically and “religiously” committing abominations including pedophilia and human sacrifice—satanic practices which are extremely useful in compromising and controlling individuals in positions of  power. The career of Jeffrey Epstein as a Mossad-linked sexual blackmailer illustrates the thesis.

Icke’s main source on Sabbatean Frankism, besides the mainstream scholar Gershom Scholem, is the Orthodox Jewish rabbi Marvin Antelman, whose work was promoted on my radio show and elsewhere by the courageous Israeli investigative journalist Barry Chamish— who died not long after he began speaking of Israel’s orchestration of 9/11, Charlie Hebdo, and other false flags.

Is Icke right that Sabbatean Frankism is the driving force behind Zionism? Is he exaggerating in claiming that Sabbatean Frankists rule the world? When he says these satanists are planning to institute total centralized control of all human societies, and to run the world from Occupied Jerusalem, is he paranoiac and delusional?

There is plenty of room for more research on these controversial topics. My own view is that Icke’s suspicions are well-founded, and that he ought to have cited Netanyahu’s father’s hero, the original false messiah, Abarbanel, as the original founder of Sabbatean Frankist Zionism. As I wrote a few months ago:

It is telling that Benjamin Netanyahu’s father Benzion wrote a book about Abarbanel highlighting the plan to trigger an apocalyptic Christian-vs.-Muslim war to usher in a one-world state ruled by the Jewish Messiah (who would of course be called Antichrist by Christians and Muslims). Indeed, the plan to trick (post)Christian civilization into launching a global war against Muslim civilization, rolled out on 9/11/2001, is something of a Netanyahu family business.

More than a century after Abarbanel laid the groundwork for the Clash of Civilizations, the famous false messiah Sabbatai Zevi—whose career peaked in the numerologically significant year 1666—led the first wave of Zionism by convincing large numbers of Jews to emigrate to the Holy Land. Zevi’s thought was taken up in the next century by Jacob Frank (1726-1791) who codified Zevi’s madness into the doctrine of “purification through transgression”: the notion that individuals and communities should “religiously” commit sex crimes and other abominations. Rumors of kabbalistic black magic, human sacrifice, and bizarre sexual practices have attended the Frankists, who—according to such Jewish scholars as investigative journalist Barry Chamish and Rabbi Marvin Antelman—were behind both the fiat money magic of the Rothschilds and its seeming opposite, Communism. Taken together, Rothschild capitalism and Marxian communism form a sort of Hegelian dialectical one-two punch in service to the larger project of secularized, materialist Jewish millenarianism.

Even as they “hypnotized the world” into dividing into capitalist and communist camps, heretical Jewish elites were setting the stage for Zionism…and Abarbanel’s eventual Christian-vs.-Muslim apocalypse leading to the Messiah/Antichrists’s one-world planetary dictatorship. Though Albert Pike’s alleged late 19th century prophecy of three Zionist-freemasonry-orchestrated World Wars may be apocryphal, the Frankist-Jewish elite’s hand in World War I, World War II, and the current Clash of Civilizations is convincingly documented in the last four chapters of Guyénot’s From Yahweh to Zion.

So I think Icke is barking up the right tree. But whether you agree with David Icke or despise him, whether you think is is totally right, partly right, or just plain wrong, you should step forward to defend his right to freely express his unorthodox views. And the more Icke is censored, the more you ought to wonder why so many powerful people are so desperate to silence him.


(1) Charles and other censors of David Icke presumably fear his reach: Icke, unlike anyone else who has argued that Israel did 9/11, sells plenty of books and lectures to thousands of people.

(2) Icke makes a couple of minor mistakes concerning Islam, including his claim on p. 687 that the Ismaili assassins—an inspiration to Sabbatean-Frankists—were Sufis. (They were actually Sevener Shia heretics.)

(3) In the second edition of The New Pearl Harbor, David Ray Griffin writes:

“I have often been asked whether there are any ‘smoking guns’ pointing to the complicity of the Bush Administration…(in the first edition) rather than focusing on those reported events that strongly suggest such complicity, I instead presented a cumulative argument, suggesting that what is most persuasive, assuming the truth of at least a significant portion of the reported evidence, is that so many lines of evidence all seem to point in the same direction. However, I did add that ‘some of the strands [in this cumulative argument] are such that, if the evidence on which they are based is confirmed, the case could be supported by one or two of them…I said, in other words, that we have some prima facie smoking guns…I came up, in fact, with a list of 40:

  1. The failure of standard operating procedure (SOP) to intercept Flight 11.
  2. The failure of SOP to intercept Flight 175.
  3. The failure of SOP to intercept Flight 77.
  4. The fact that the official story as to these failures changed a few days after 9/11.
  5. The fact that according to a second version of the official story, the order to scramble jet fighters to intercept Flights 11 and 175 went to Otis Air Force base instead of the nearer base, McGuire.
  6. The fact that, according to this second version, the order to scramble jet fighters to protect Washington went to Langley Air Force base instead of the nearer base, Andrews.
  7. The fact that, even given NORAD’s timeline and the greater distances the pilots had to cover from Otis and Langley, their fighter jets, flying at full speed, should have reached New York and Washington in time to prevent the attacks on the South Tower and the Pentagon.
  8. The fact that according to this second version, the fighter jets that were too late to intercept Flights 11 and 175 were not ordered to continue on to Washington, even though it was then known that Fight 77 had been hijacked and, according to the official story, was headed back to Washington.
  9. Secretary of Transportation Mineta’s report of a conversation that may have reflected a stand-down order by Vice President Cheney.
  10. The fact that in New York on 9/11, three steel-framed high-rise buildings, for the first time in history, collapsed because of fires—quite localized fires at that, especially in the South Tower and Building 7.
  11. The fact that the South Tower fell first even though, according to the hypothesis that the buildings collapsed because of fire, this tower, having been hit second and having the smaller fire, should not have collapsed first.
  12. The multiple types of physical evidence that the Twin Towers and Building 7 collapsed by means of controlled demolition. (Because there are many types of such evidence—such as the fact that the steel beams and columns were broken into pieces the right size to be loaded onto trucks—this point could have been divided into many smoking guns.
  13. Larry Silverstein’s statement that he and the fire department decided to “pull” WTC-7…  (for the full list of smoking guns, a few of which would need to be lightly edited in light of subsequent discoveries, consult The New Pearl Harbor,  2nd edition.)

4) Ongoing Zionist atrocities, supported by most of the population of “Israel,” are so extreme, and so commonplace, as to raise questions about the sanity of the occupiers of Palestine. One thing that isn’t questionable, however, is that the Zionist occupation of Palestine meets the definition of genocide under international law, as was successfully argued by international law professor Francis Boyle at the Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Tribunals.

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    David Icke is correct when he speaks of limiting consciousness when identifying with terms, ideologies, etc.

    You mentioned the Koran and practicing Muslim.
    Please read the 721st Contact Conversation carefully:

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