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FFWN: Icke’s “Who Did 9/11 and Why” Banned?!

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1) Bust MSM Censorship & Hypocrisy, Support FFWN!

Trump Lunacy

2) President Trump quotes message predicting ‘Civil war like fracture’ if impeachment goes through

3) Trump Warns of Treason, Civil War; GOP Congressman Outraged

4) Trump suggested shooting migrants in the legs: NYT (just like Israel does to Palestinians)

9/11 Truth vs. Big Media

5) 9/11 Drinking Game: Every Time the Government or Media Lies Take Another Shot

6) You Weren’t Stupid, Mr. Brown: CNN’s Brief Shining Moment on 9/11 by Graeme MacQueen

7) WaPo Book Maven Gets David Icke’s New 9/11 Book Banned—Sheds Crocodile Tears

8) The Authoritarian’s Worst Fear? A Book! -NYT

9) David Icke: Who Did 9/11 and Why? Two-Part Interview with Kevin

He Who Must Not Be Named

10) Alain Soral Sentenced to 2 Years Jail for Sharing “Gilets-Jaunes” Anti-Rothschild Rap Video

11) EU’s top court backs global removal of illegal content (including “hate speech”) on Facebook

12) How Israel Controls Its Narrative

13) Treasury Dept. Inquisitor Mandelker, Exposed as Israeli Agent Resigns in Disgrace

14) Former Israeli Intel Official Claims Jeffrey Epstein, Ghislaine Maxwell Worked for Israeli Intel

Dead Kennedys

15) Bobby Kennedy’s son names ‘real killer’ 50 years after US politician’s horror shooting

16) Did Israel Kill the Kennedys?

Doomed Saudis

17) Jamal Khashoggi’s Murder Haunts Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince

18) Three Saudi bases, over 150 square kilometers taken in 2nd phase of Najran offensive: Yemen Army

19) Yemen’s Houthis claim ‘senior Saudi officers’ among captured or killed in major operation near Najran

20) Saudi Arabia (defeated by Houthis) wants talks with Iran

21) Bin Salman ready to recognize Israel if US helps him defeat Iran: Documentary (looks like that pipe dream has gone up in smoke)

Doomed Sisi

22) Over 2,000 arrested by Egyptian security forces after anti-Sisi protests

Kashmir: Bloodbath & Nuclear War?

23) Imran Khan warns of bloodbath and nuclear war in Kashmir, urges UN to intervene    Annexation of Kashmir: Pakistan Just Warned the World About the 21st Century’s Munich Moment

24) Imran Khan’s plane sabotaged after UN speech?

China Rising—and Clamping Down

25) China Doubles Hong Kong Troop Presence Under Guise of Garrison Rotation – Envoys

26) Alleged Satellite Photo of US Carrier Surrounded by Chinese Warships Makes Rounds on Social Media

27) ‘Ultimate doomsday’ nuke that can ‘reach US in 30 minutes’ unveiled at China Day parade

28) Protests Erupt in Hong Kong on China’s National Day

29) China Wants the World to Stay Silent on Muslim Camps. It’s Succeeding.

Sci Fi or Reality?

30) Gene-Editing Unintentionally Adds Bovine DNA, Goat DNA, and Bacterial DNA, Mouse Researchers Find

31) Just How Feasible is a Warp Drive?

32) Planet X might just be a bowling-ball-sized black hole, researchers say

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