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Art Olivier on “Apocalypse Soon”

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Former Libertarian Party VP Candidate and mayor of Bellflower, California Art Olivier discusses apocalyptic expectations and predictions. When will the world end, and how? Tune in and find out. Spoiler: Art espouses a version of the Niburu/Planet X theory, according to which an eccentric planet or black hole weighing in at about 10 times the mass of the earth periodically swings by our neck of the cosmic woods and wreaks mega-destruction. Art says Saturn-worshiping secret societies know about this and are planning for the next round of cataclysmic catastrophe. It all kicks off next May 9, 2020, the beginning of “the tribulation” according to Art’s timetable, with the big event—a nuclear war killing about one third of the planet’s population—scheduled for January 20, 2023.

So what’s the evidence for all this? It’s pretty darned esoteric if you ask me. Ley lines, freemasonic ritual and symbolism, numerology…this is the kind of stuff that makes me look like a relatively sane “conspiracy theorist.”

Has Art Olivier’s mind flown off in some eccentric orbit? Or is he one of the few prophets of doom who might actually be getting it right? Take a look at some of Art’s videos on his Operation Terror youtube channel and make up your own mind.

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