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Gordon Duff on Trump Impeachment


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Gordon Duff, Senior Editor of Veterans Today, discusses the looming impeachment of President Donald Trump. His articles on the topic include Blocked by Google on orders from Attorney General Barr: “NEO, The End of the Trump Presidency is Here”; “Informed Speculation: How the Right Took Down Trump, Now a “Dead Man Walking”; “So Far Beyond Watergate Read VT’s Hosted Whistleblower Complaint“; and “America’s Secret “First Couple.”

Quotes from this interview:

“The issue isn’t so much impeachment, as that someone absolutely pushed Donald Trump—and I think they were spiking his smurf dust—they pushed him towards a Constitutional crisis…there was no reason for any of this. Biden can self-destruct on his own.”

“Where did Bolton come from? Wasn’t he a Bush operative…forever? Wasn’t Barr a Bush operative forever, including (serving as) Attorney General for two Bush presidents? So now the person who’s guiding Trump into making these phone calls, that’s the Attorney General. Trump doesn’t have any other attorney. The only attorney Trump has is William Barr, whose primary loyalty was to George H.W. Bush at the CIA, and to the Bush family, according to Chip Tatum. Barr is now advising Trump to engage in childishly insane vendettas against Mr.-Self-Destruct-On-His-Own Joe Biden…”

“Trump’s job was to deliver a war with Iran. And we believe that he tried over and over. But we also know this. We know exactly what the Pentagon said because we know the people who wrote up the war plan on Iran and it’s simply this: At the strongest position the US ever was, it could never invade Iran. You can’t land on the coast. They have thousands of anti-ship missiles. Literally thousands. You can’t stop them. We’ve seen how good American missile defense systems are. The Saudis will tell you. There’s a reason people won’t buy them. They don’t work. So the US could put their ships in the Indian Ocean. But if they’re further out, that means they would have to have refueling aircraft if they were to hit populated areas of Iran. And Iran has an S-300 air defense system. Plus they claim to have built their own version which is superior. So they’re capable of taking care of themselves. Additionally Iran has put much of its missile capability underground. In the first few hours (of war) they would close the Straits of Hormuz. They would wipe out…Dubai and Abu Dhabi would be smoking ruins within hours. They would hit the ammonia plant in Haifa. One million Jews would be dead in an hour. One missile is all it takes. The Syrians have a list of seven soft targets inside Israel that will kill massive numbers of civilians, petrochemical and nuclear facilities. The…(seven targets’ air defenses) can be overwhelmed easily.”

So Donald “Shred the JCPOA and start a war on Iran” Trump has, in the eyes of some of his sponsors, outlived his political usefulness. They are now shifting to a longer-term strategy aimed at putting Ted Cruz or Marco Rubio in the White House…or so says Gordon Duff.

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