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Mass Shootings, Mass Censorship

Watch State Department whistleblower J. Michael Springmann join me on False Flag Weekly News above—click HERE for links to the stories we covered

by Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today Editor

Were the mass shootings in Gilroy, El Paso, and Dayton Gladio B false flags aimed at rolling back the 2nd Amendment? Or were they designed to demonize “radicalization on the internet” and chip away at the 1st Amendment?

The probable correct answer is “all of the above.”

They may also have served another purpose: Wipe Jeffrey Epstein out of the headlines during the week before his assassination (or his extraordinary rendition to retirement in Israel).

Now that even the MSM, from tabloids like the NY Post to “serious” outlets like the Washington Post, are scoffing at the unlikely tale of Epstein’s ridiculous “suicide,” expect more bloody distractions this week.

The mass mind controllers claim they need to revoke internet freedom because it is the only way they can stop the rise of white supremacist neo-Nazis. But what they are really worried about is the rise of the truth.

TheNew York Times even all but admitted this week that the real reason the First Amendment needs to be revoked is so that historians who question the victors’ version of the Holocaust can be imprisoned. Other “truth threats” include Pearl Harbor, the international bankers, the Kennedy assassinations, 9/11, Gladio, MK-Ultra, Zionist power, and so much more.

Ironically, the more they roll back freedom of expression, the more likely that more and  more people will conclude that the only way left to express their anger is through the barrel of a gun. So our overlords’ claim that they are trying to stop violence is a lie. They are trying to incite more and more violence, in order to justify an ever-more-comprehensive Orwellian surveillance state.

The FBI is now demanding a pre-crime “social media early alerting tool” with “real-time geolocation-based monitoring” to defend against “domestic threats”…because, they tell us, “conspiracy theorists are the new terrorists.” Like the NY Times, the FBI is openly admitting that the real threat is the truth.

So watch FFWN while you can. The truth is a precious commodity. It may not be this accessible for much longer.

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