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YouTube reverses itself, un-bans “What Makes a Jew a Jew?”

By Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today Editor

One week after YouTube censored my “What Makes a Jew a Jew?” interview with Doooovid and froze my account, the company reversed itself:

So now you can watch this terrible, horrible, dangerous video featuring a Muslim and a Jew engaging in friendly, respectful interfaith dialogue.

Unfortunately, by freezing my account, YouTube prevented me from live-streaming this week’s False Flag Weekly News, and posting various other videos I would normally have posted.

I would not be surprised if YouTube keeps targeting me with this kind of petty harassment. Please help me keep pushing back by supporting False Flag Weekly Newsand subscribing to my radio show at Patreon.

4 Thoughts to “YouTube reverses itself, un-bans “What Makes a Jew a Jew?””

  1. Amin Abdullah

    Here are some suggestions for FFWN :

    (1) “Thanks to muslim countries, dictionaries all over the world are scrambling to re-write the definition of Sycophancy” :

    It’s nothing but love :

    “China has said the mass detentions centers described in international media are in fact “reeducation centers” for Uighurs to learn and embrace Chinese culture.”

    (2) ‘France should adopt reeducation camps, as China candidly admits to” :

    1. Amin Abdullah

      Coal mining is dead anyway. More news supporting the mass deportation of hillbilies to outer space :

      (3) “St Louis (MO) police officer killed in lethal Russian roulette game with colleague”

      (4) “The hillbilly fridge : not only beer anymore” :

      “US man (MO) discovers ‘mummified’ baby ‘sister’ in dead mum’s freezer”

  2. But I see that comments are disabled for this video on YouTube. Isn’t that a sort of continuing censorship?

    1. Allan at NoLiesRadio and others have advised me to turn off comments in order to preserve the channel. I don’t have time to police comments and prevent the people who work out of basements in Tel Aviv from littering my channel with Jew-hating comments designed to take the channel down.

      So please come here to HeresyCentral to comment.

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