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Karl Golovin: “I asked JCS chief Gen. Dunford about false flags…and he gave a pretty good answer!”

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Retired US Customs Agent Karl Golovin lives in Alexandria, Virginia—and regularly visits DC area think tank events to ask the speakers hard questions. Sometimes he gets interesting answers. As I wrote in my recent article “BREAKING! America’s highest-ranking military officer wary of anti-Iran false flag“:

“It isn’t every day that America’s top military man gets a question referencing Dr. Alan ‘Israel Did 9/11’ Sabrosky AND Operation Northwoods. And it’s even more unusual when he acknowledges that he knows about that stuff—and is on the lookout for a (presumably neocon-Zionist/Saudi) false flag to lure the US into war with Iran.”

Karl has also questioned NSA whistleblower William Binney at the Cato Institute. Binney “after the event acknowledged to me his concurrence in a belief that 9/11 was indeed a false flag event.”

And he asked a panel at Brookings (1:04:45 – 1:06:00) a question referencing Douglas Reed’s The Controversy of Zion and Solzhenitsyn’s Two Hundred Years Together.

Regarding another event, Karl writes:

“It’s not every day:) –  that, at a Hudson Institute event on “Anti-Semitism,” one is able to ask about:
1) the 1933 “Holy War” boycott of Germany and all who sold German goods, ordered at that time by the World Jewish Conference/ Congress, in contrast to current “framing language” used by a designated pollster in questions ref the Israel/BDS movement; or to 
2) reference both Douglas Reed’s “The Controversy of Zion” and, referenced therein, “You Gentiles” by Maurice Samuel (1924), in inquiring (of the U.S. State Department “Ambassador” responsible for tracking/ monitoring “anti-semitism” around the world, whether “Talmudic Zionism” isn’t, in fact, “Anti-Gentile” – !!!
My two questions begin, respectively, at:
For some reason, upon my asking the second question, it was determined that I (unlike any other questioners during the event) should NOT appear on camera:)


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