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Historian/novelist Dr. James Hufferd on Col. Crystal’s defense-only military; Ph.D. structural engineer Ibrahim Soudy on 9/11 & WW2 lies

Broadcast live 8 to 10 pm Eastern on Revolution.Radio

First hour: James Hufferd, Ph.D. geologist/historian, advocate of a defense-only military, and coordinator of, writes:

“My new book, Colonel Crystal’s Parallel Universe, (189 pages) is officially published today, May 15, by Trine Day…It’s based on two premises, or questions. The first, partly for my own bemusement, but serious, was: Would it be possible for a very high-ranking U.S. military officer to develop the same critical dissident view of United States foreign policy practices, tactics, and especially, the multi-faceted brutal nonstop war on humankind, ultimately including its own helpless people at home, that I have? And what could happen if one did? Thus, I invented Col. Alva A. Crystal, USAF (retired), top-flight commander in the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars, with a raging case of PTSD…”

James Hufferd is a Midwestern farm boy, in his eighth decade, has lived and worked in all 4 U.S. time zones and Rio de Janeiro twice, traveled independently in 20 countries, Arctic, Amazon, etc. Graduate (Ph.D.) of University of Minnesota, honored as a Distinguished Alumnus of that institution. Colonel Crystal’s Parallel Universe is his tenth published book to date, fifth novel.

Second hour:  Ibrahim Soudy, Ph.D. Structural Engineering is one of the most qualified members of Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth…and one of America’s most eloquent Muslim voices.

Ibrahim recently emailed his list a link to Paul Craig Roberts’ article “Ron Unz Exposes WWI and WWII Lies” and commented:

“YES, ONCE YOU TRY TO SUPPRESS AN OPINION, YOU HAVE SOMETHING TO HIDE…Because of my very own experience with how the Power Centers in the WEST shape the PUBLIC OPINION about very big events like 9/11 and the murder of JFK earlier, I have no trust whatsoever in what they say. Remember, Hoover said ‘The Public Must Believe that Lee Harvey Oswald Acted Alone’!!! So the outcome of the investigation was PREDETERMINED. Very much like 9/11 (who gives a damn about science or how gravity works)!!!

“I have sent videos of speeches by the British historian (David Irving) mentioned in the column here to a BLOG only to have some members of the blog remove the whole blog off the internet!! They were supposedly working for “peace”!! They are the same very people who attacked Alison Weir when she authored the book “Against Our Better Judgement”. …………..I very strongly suggest that people read the the (Paul Craig Roberts) article, read the book by Alison Weir, and look into the murder of JFK, and follow the science of 9/11. After that you will see a very good picture of how we are living in one very very big lie OR you can just believe what the official narratives are and live like a (you guess it yourself)………………….Thanks. Ibrahim”

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