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Joel Simpson recommends Thomas Dalton’s “Debating the Holocaust” – but NOT the expression “holohoax”

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Joel Simpson, a former professor who now earns his living taking amazing art photographs of earthforms, can afford to be a truly independent thinker. So he’s free to recommend Thomas Dalton’s Debating the Holocaust—a book that even tenured professors are probably better off not endorsing if they want to keep their jobs and collegial relations with their peers.

Joel, who is from a Jewish background, agrees with Dalton that the revisionists appear to be winning the scholarly argument. But he disagrees with the use of the term holohoax, which he finds disrespectful, inaccurate, and rhetorically counterproductive. He also finds much to disagree with in my latest article, and argues that any attempt to lump “Jews” as a group will be broad-brush at best, misleading and offensive at worst.

We also touch on the question: Is it more effective for pro-Palestine activists to highlight the suffering of Palestinians, or to expose Zionist power in America? (See my discussion with Rabbi Michael Lerner.)

9 Thoughts to “Joel Simpson recommends Thomas Dalton’s “Debating the Holocaust” – but NOT the expression “holohoax””

  1. Cat

    You both got it wrong on Auschwitz. The Allies *were* bombing the camp according to at least 2 sources I can point to:
    1) The Gas Chamber of Sherlock Holmes by Samuel Crowel. In his book Crowell cites voluminous Nazi documentation that the gas chambers were actually air shelters to protect *everyone* at Auschwitz — guards as well as Jewish, Polish, and other prisoner/workers — from Allied gas bombings (e.g., phosphorous).
    2) I read the unpublished, detailed manuscript of a friend whose relative was a US Army pilot based out of Italy during WWII whose sole mission was to bomb German infrastructure such as factories, railroads, train stations, etc. The pilot specifically wrote about bombing Auschwitz where I.G. Farben manufactured synthetic rubber and whose employees were the slave labor inmates of Auschwitz.

    1. Interesting. I will try to find the time to look into Crowel and revisit this issue.

      In any event, when a government rounds up its citizens who happen to be of the wrong ethnicity and locks them in slave labor camps and many or most end up dying for a variety of reasons, it’s pretty bad.

      And while large numbers of ordinary Jews and other ordinary people (60 million total) were dying, the Zionist banking elite that orchestrated both world wars (see Guyenot’s From Yahweh to Zion) was sipping champagne in their palatial estates. So let’s get angry at the real villains, not the ordinary folks they victimize.

  2. Cat

    As for the word “holohoax” being “disrespectful,” I consider “Holocaust” with a capital H (and practically trademarked by Jews) to be disrespectful to the millions of people who died in *actual* holocausts. (The word literally means “burnt offerings.”)

    I’m referring to Dresden and the 64 other German cities the Allies FIREbombed as well as the 65 Japanese cities they FIREbombed — not to mention the many actual holocausts throughout history.

    The entire world should read Hellstorm by Thomas Goodrich.

    Not only were Jews in WWII *not* holocausted/killed by fire, but to usurp the word holocaust with a proprietary H as if Jewish deaths matter more than the holocausts of millions of actually burned people during WWII is extraordinarily insensitive and outright fraudulent.

    Obviously at this stage, “holohoax” only works among the cognoscenti who know it is code for: “Holocaust as propagandized by Jews is a big fat lie.” Until the actual historicity of the Jewish holocaust is exposed far and wide, however, people should stop vitiating “holohoax” as if it were hate speech.

    How about this? I’ll stop using the word “holohoax” if you stop capitalizing the word “holocaust” when referring to Jewish WWII history. They’re both disrespectful, confusing usages that don’t do justice to the historical truth. Deal?

  3. We see the costs of allowing the big lies to go unchecked.

    Painting with a broad brush most certainly results in collateral damage.

    What’s new?

    Are there innocents among the complacent and complicit? Probably.

  4. maisoon

    I concur with Cat
    The word Holocaust indeed has been hijacked, used as propaganda to further the interests of a tiny minority who keep insisting that only they are the eternal Victims of Human History.
    That for is the greatest offence especially to the millions of Gentiles who have been holocuatsed and whose suffering has never justifiably been acknowledged especially by Jewish ‘so called Historians who continue to propagate their myths about both Wars which their Tribe instigated.
    I do and will continue to use the word holohoax until such time they stop their lies and deception and stop re writing Man’s History to suit their own political ends.
    When one considers the true definition of the Greek word , NOT HEBREW, but Greek Word which I have spoken about on the occasions I have been on your shows , we can look back in human history and very easily apply the word Holocaust in its true context, free from Jewish deceit.
    Holos kastos- Burnt offering- Massive death and destruction and great loss of life especially by Fire [power]
    That can be and must t be applied to all Wars, past and present where such inhumanity to man has occurred en masse. Both World Wars that cost literally MILLIONS of lives were a holocaust.
    Cat is correct, past history, African Slave Trade [ironically run by Jews], Native Indigenous Indians of the Americas, Australia, New Zealand,, were holocausted by Colonialist invaders
    Hiroshima and Nagasaki were true holocausts- Burnt Offering via the Jewish created Atomic Bomb dropping its fatal Firebomb on millions of innocent Japanese citizens..
    The bombing of Dresden by the ‘Allies’ too was a holocaust upon the German Citizenry not all of whom supported Hitler.
    Russia too suffered massive deaths at the hands of Jewish Bolshevik Communists, around 50 million Christian Russians perished for these Jewish Communists.
    We also had the Armenian Genocide at the hands of the Jewish [Shabath Zvi affiliates] Donmeh Young Turks who had taken control of Turkey.
    We have had Vietnam, the endless Wars for Israel in the Middle East- against Palestine, Lebanon, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, and in Africa -Sudan, Libya [again instigated by Neocon Jews and their fellow Zionist minions who just cannot stop their Blood Lust and who sadistically enjoy the use of their modern WMDS which are Holocausting Millions of innocent souls within their own countries.
    So I will tell your Jewish guest that I for one will continue using the word holohoax to refer to their Myths of what transpired which in reality caused the Holocaust of millions of human beings especially Gentiles who made up the bulk of the Burnt Offering sacrifice to the Greater Jewish Cause which Jews omit to mention or the fact that the World Zionist Jewry Organisation was complicit in these Holocaust Wars as were their bankers who financed both sides, thus making a handsome ‘financial killing’
    After all Wars are a profitable enterprise for these Bankers and their Military Industrial Complex under their control.

  5. maisoon

    There are other discrepancies in this Holocaust narrative spewed by World Jewry. The 6 million is one , a figure they frequently throw at the world for emotional and political blackmail , used many times prior to WW2, in the 1870s, in WW1 according to a 1918 New York Times headline, and WW2 which fails to mention that there were not even 6 million Jews in Germany at that time.
    6 million is a mythical number that has relevance to Jews in their scriptures which they frequently churn out to justify their own oppression of peoples and their own instigated Holocausts upon nations be it through all their Wars or their Political and Financial Terrorism and Sanctions that also have led to great loss of life and damaged infrastructure.
    Also according to photos that have emerged, the so building adjoining the alleged Chimney at Auschwitz was actually built after the war ended by the Russians who also have a lot to answer for in the millions of people they holocausted, despite saving the war for the Allies at the cost of 20 million of their own dead
    Jews served in the Nazi army, with well over 150,000 Jewish soldiers.
    The ‘Gas Chambers’ were non existent. Chemicals were used to stop spreading lice etc…
    They are more than happy to sacrifice thousands of their own for the greater good of Eretz Israel and in reality, at the tragic expense of millions of Gentiles, not Jews, but Goyim who they just view as Cattle, Animals with no souls as their Rabbis depict the Goy in their Talmud.
    Ironically their Talmud has been behind the many holocaust Tragedies against Humanity but naturally we cannot speak about that because we would be labelled with their Anti Semitic Ruse, their Trick to silence any and all viable valid questions about Man’s tragic oppressive and violent History, a history that we are indoctrinated to believe only caused Jewish Victims with their insufferable Eternal Victimhood status which I find deeply offensive and insults the memory of the Millions upon millions of innocent Gentiles who have perished throughout Man’s Inhumanity to man, just as Israel is now doing in the modern Age against the People of the Middle East, Arabs, Muslims and in Africa [Rwanda, Congo, using the French to do their killing] and Latin America where they also extended their blood stained talons.. Wars and Terrorism on top of all the other Crimes Against Humanity they perpetuate with their Human and Organ Trafficking, Drugs smuggling, Arms, Money Laundering, Embezzlement and Fraud by their Banksters and Corporatocracies, Sexual Offences- Paedophilia, Children and women sold for Sex etc which Jews are heavily involved in and cause immeasurable harm and trauma to their Gentile Victims.
    Many photos shown of alleged Jewish Victims were actually German Prisoners of war in Dresden etc who were put in Camps and starved to death. Two wrongs don’t make a right!! Nazis behaved abominably but so did the ALLIES under the vengeful American President , British and the Jewish led Russians
    But hey, that is ‘Anti Semitism’ right or even ‘blood libel’ another one of their favourite terms they use to shut people up who dare expose their deception
    They live by their Talmudic Motto- By way of Deception, thou shalt do war’ which more often than not, instigates and executes acts of Holocaust upon the Peoples of our world whose FEELINGS and Sensitivities Jews don’t give a damn about but they expect us all to grovel at their feet and accept their mythical suffering which indeed has been HOLO and Costly to others.
    Their ‘Holocaustism’ is just another of their many ISMS they have brutally used to justify their self importance and place in our World which contrary to what their Rabbis tell them, does not belong to them and that we gentiles were not specially created solely to be enslaved to World Jewry
    WHERE are the many Memorials for the Millions of Gentiles sacrificed as a Burn Offering to Eretz Israel? Are they sprouting everywhere like the Jewish memorials are?
    Where are the real Movies about them?? Do we Commemorate them in the same way we are programmed to remember their Holohoax??
    I prefer to commemorate the Holocaust of Africans, Native Indians, Palestinians, Arabs, Muslims, Asians, Latinos, Victims of Hiroshima and Nagasaki who to this day shamefully never received compensation which is another disgraceful Industry of the Jewish Holohax., ad infinitum, even passing down to the great, great grandchildren of these alleged survivors because apparently their ‘suffering genes’ are passed down!! Can we say the same for Palestinians, Syrians, Yemenis- will their Victims be compensated and remembered??
    No, one rule one law, one history for Jewry and another for the rest of Humanity whose immense suffering, oppression exploitation, trauma is never remembered or acknowledged because ironically the Aggressors are Jewish led leaders. Schindlers List is a LIE.

    No more excuses Kevin, no more apologies and fears of not wishing to upset the self centred selfish revengeful self anointed, self chosen Jews!!
    Enough is enough- no more idolising their Holocaust MYTH and their Eternal Victimhood.
    They are the Victors who have had the spoils of their engineered Wars and been shamefully and disgracefully allowed to re write History to perpetuate their offensive Lies,

    1. I’m not idolizing anyone’s myth. Just trying to stay reasonable and respectful as I investigate a huge range of suppressed/censored/taboo issues. I like and respect Joel despite our occasional disagreements and since he didn’t say anything that ticked me off I didn’t mind mostly just listening to his perspective and admitting it’s not completely wrong. I do think he needs to read Guyénot’s From Yahweh to Zion and come back on my show to discuss it. Since he was open-minded enough to admit Dalton is right, he will likely also see a lot of truth in Guyénot’s perspective. And if he doesn’t, we will have a sharper-edged discussion next time.

  6. Amin Abdullah

    “… the Zionist banking elite that orchestrated both world wars.”

    Evil materialistic tyrants are only a reflection of the people they rule, mislead and boss around. On their own, at worst they are as much a nuisance as a clumsy pickpocket.

    But with the complicity and the consent of the masses, in which each individual eagerly allows himself to be impressed by words and images, they (the tyrants) become emboldened and their evil wishes are brought into existence. The sum of each individual’s consent and participation gives life to the negative energy of demons and their human minions.

    The world will not change for the better, as long as the emphasis is not put on the individual’s responsibility to change for the better – no matter the cost -, but instead the focus and the blame is constantly shifted onto some external source ( “the Jews”, ‘the Zionists”, “the democrats”, “the republicans’…etc).

    To draw a parallel to better illustrate what I am talking about : obese people will not improve their obscene look and weight by blaming the fast food industry, while scoffing at good dietary habits and self-discipline.

    The Quran is reminding those who take heed that there is absolutely no running away from personal responsibility whatsoever.

    Quran [033:66-68] : “On the Day when their faces shall be tossed about in the fire, they will exclaim, “Oh, would that we had paid heed unto God, and paid heed unto the Apostle!” And they will say: “O our Sustainer! Behold, we paid heed unto our leaders and our great men, and it is they who have led us astray from the right path!. O our Sustainer! Give them double suffering, and banish them utterly from Thy grace !”. (as translated by ‘Muhammad Asad’)

    Double suffering is for those who mislead, as well as for those who allowed themselves to be misled and be blind followers, Insha’Allah.

    Oh let me guess : you are ready to change for the better and ready to stop being addicted to obedience and servitude, as soon as it is convenient and you are assured that it is risk-free !!.

  7. This was another excellent interview Kevin. I think maybe the world lucked out in your having been ousted from the universities as you are now able to produce such a lot of high quality content on shows such as these. Had you stayed in the academic world it would have been impossible to do. I hope that some scholarly type discovers your work, and creates a book surveying the topics, contributors, and perspectives on offer. I can’t keep up with all you do.

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