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“Lawyers for Israel” censorship attempt quashed—victory for free speech

Click here to listen to my interview with Tony Gosling recorded prior to OFCOM’s decision

Good news! Former BBC journalist Tony Gosling has won his battle with the Zionist censors. UK Lawyers for Israel had targeted his radio program, Politics This Week, in a complaint to OFCOM, the UK’s communications regulatory agency. The Zionist complaint against Tony alleged that his show is “being used for the propagation of conspiracy theories and extremist views.” Ofcom’s ruling in Tony’s favor is explained below.  – Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today Editor

UK Lawyers for Israel broadcasting regulator complaint against BCfm Politics show dismissed by Ofcom

by Tony Gosling

I’m pleased to announce that Ofcom have ruled there was no breach of Rule 5.13 after a complaint – submitted by UK Lawyers For Israel – about this show generally and specifically our broadcast on Friday 23rd November last year. The complaint by UKLFI’s Jonathan Turner could have led to this show being taken off the air permanently – BCfm being fined or made bankrupt, or having our licence revoked. The complaint included several falsehoods, including that we’d said -> • that the Manchester Arena bombing was carried out by MI5 and the Rothschild family -> • that “Illuminati” infiltrate and control the government. These are both malicious exaggerations. Jonathan Turner said – in his complaint – that “The Politics Show is filled with conspiracy theories, extremism, racism and propaganda and in breach of multiple provisions of the OFCOM Code.” He said “We identified and analysed 14 breaches of the OFCOM Code in a single episode of a programme that is broadcast every week. This must be a cause for alarm. OFCOM should ensure that an extremist is not permitted a platform to spread his message of conspiracy and hate.” So UK Lawyers for Israel tried to take me off the air for running a neo-Nazi propaganda show. An inversion of the truth which Ofcom have now refuted. The actual OFCOM investigation boiled down to three issues– first – the peddling of conspiracy theories,which I explained is a meaningless term used to smear investigative journalists – by conflating real conspiracies with fake ones – it was introduced into the US media in 1967 by the CIA – after the Warren commission into the 1963 assassination of John F Kennedy – to cover up the CIA’s role in the president’s murder. Second – lack of balance with regard to the state of Israel– in response I pointed out that on six occasions from August 2018 I’d aired extended interviews with five Israeli cabinet ministers – including the prime minister – more than any UK radio programme – This was the most serious of the complaints because it alleged the programme was racist and antisemitic – In fact the prophet Mohammed – instructed his followers to practice – much like the right of self defence in international law – the self-defence jihad – this part of the Koran has been twisted by the Salafist and Takfiri doctrines to justify sabotage and terrorism against ones enemies, creation of a ‘Caliphate’ – even the killing of fellow Muslims – is fairly well understood – We decided to look at the other side of the coin – extreme fundamentalist Zionist doctrines – what some Jewish scholars call the twisting of old testament prophecy to justify war – and interviewed Canadian author David Livingstone – who’s just about to come out with another book examining these subjects – entitled Ordo Ab Chao – latin for Order From Chaos – David argues some nihilistic Zionists actually want a Middle East war in order to evoke the Jewish messiah – but that they may end up evoking the antichrist instead. This programme includes many justifications for creating the state of Israel – not least of which last week is the Holocaust of six million – suffered by European Jews under the Nazis – but history teaches us that all religions can be hijacked by ruthless people for political and criminal purposes – and so November programme was taking a balanced look at the extremes of Zionist as against Islamist pseudo-religious doctrine. Which I’m pleased to say – this station – and last week Ofcom too – stood by. The final comment Ofcom decided may have merit was that the programme was biased against MI5– this programme aired on the week of parliament’s Intelligence and Security committee – chaired by Dominic Grieve MP’s report into the London and Manchester terror attacks – every mainstream press headline was critical of MI5 including the Manchester press – and the show did include contrary views supporting MI5’s innocence.

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