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FFWN: War on Ilhan Omar

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1) Thank you for backing FFWN—we’re upgrading next week

2) And a warm welcome to new FFWN commentator Helen Buyniski, author of “The Sorceror’s Apprentice Effect”

War on Palestine

3) The End Is Nigh for (9/11 suspect) Netanyahu

4) UN: Israel should face justice for crimes against humanity in Gaza

War on Ilhan Omar

5) Poster linking Rep. Ilhan Omar to 9/11 sparks outrage, injuries at West Virginia Capitol

6) Ilhan Omar’s “Tropes” Are True

7) House’s Anti-Semitism Resolution Surfaces Generational Fight Over Ilhan Omar

8) Ocasio-Cortez defends Ilhan Omar’s tweets about Israel

9) Bernie Sanders defends Rep. Ilhan Omar, backs ‘legitimate criticism’ of Israel

Zionist Censors vs. Europe 

10) French resist effort to censor criticism of Zionism

11) France’s Jewish Elites Demand Yellow Vest Protests Be Shut Down

12) Hezbollah added to UK’s list of terrorist groups

War on “Conspiracy Theories”

13) Why content moderators fall for conspiracy theories

14) Britain is becoming a land of conspiracy theorists

15) Facebook outlines plans to curb anti-vax conspiracy theories

16) Anti-vaccine movies disappear from Amazon after CNN Business report

Pedo Elites

17) Epstein’s pedophile buddy Dershowitz: Curb press access to hearing!

18) Jeffrey Epstein, Alan Dershowitz and Pals Accused of Sex-Trafficking Ring

19) Ann Coulter (unlike rest of MSM) connects Clinton/Democrats and Israel to Jeffrey Epstein

War on Afghanistan

20) UN: American airstrikes contribute to record number of children, civilians killed in Afghanistan

21) AOC calls Afghanistan war ‘disastrous + wrong’ response to 9/11, says US should have tried ‘non-intervention

22) US Senators Introduce Bill To End War In Afghanistan, Pay Bonus To Troops

War on Pakistan/Kashmir 

23) India’s penchant for false-flag operations

24) Indian air intrusion night 25/26 February 2019

25) Satellite Images Suggest India Fabricated “Successful” Attack On Terror Camp

War on Yemen

26) Yemen leader: UAE brought us Daesh and killed 32 clerics

27) US and European arms used to attack Yemeni civilians: Report

War on Sudan

28) Israel about to complete its destruction and takeover of Sudan? (one of “7 countries in 5 years”)

War on China

29) Philippines wary of US dragging it into ‘shooting war’

30) Italy joining China’s new Silk Road raises eyebrows in Washington

31) U.S. trade gap with China reaches all-time high under Trump

War on Korea

32) North Korea rebuilds rocket engine test site in ominous signal about attitude to talks

War on Venezuela

33) Heavily Armed Soldiers Aborted a Plan to Enter Venezuela by Force

34) (CIA-Mossad) saboteurs trash Venezeula’s electrical grid—great way to win hearts and minds!


35) Nearly two-thirds of voters think Trump committed crimes before taking office, poll finds

36) Guardian on “Neo-Nazi plot against America”: Every extremist murder in US in 2018 had far-right links

37) WaPo issues correction to Covington kids story – 6 weeks & 1 lawsuit later

Meanwhile in Canada

38) Inter-continental conflict ends peacefully as Norway agrees Canada’s got the bigger moose

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