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Peter Myers and Ellen Brown on public banking, Green New Deal, Venezuela

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First hour: Australian NWO researcher Peter Myers discusses the public banking movement—which seems to be picking up steam in several countries, including the USA. His most recent email digest of articles:

AOC & Ellen Brown push Public Bank for Green New Deal. $ Hegemony ending – Michael Hudson

(1) Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez wants to fund Green New Deal with a Public Bank
(2) Germany’s Green Energy Revolution is funded with a Public Bank – Ellen Brown
(3) Call for Canada Post to create a Postal Bank
(4) If we bail out a bank, we’ll nationalize it – Italian gov’t
(5) Australian Banks, mortgage brokers & insurance industry caned by Royal Commission
(6) Neocons’ overuse of Sanctions is ending Dollar Hegemoney – Michael Hudson

Second hour: Public banking advocate Ellen Brown continues the discussion…and takes it to Venezuela! Her latest article argues that The Venezuela Myth Keeping Us From Transforming Our Economy. We also discuss issues that Ellen says she only talks about on Truth Jihad Radio: allegations of a bankster HAARP style earthquake weapon behind Fukushima; similar allegations about the Paradise CA fire; and more.

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