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Ex-BBC journalist Tony Gosling targeted in censorship witch-hunt

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First 12 minutes: South Africa based Radio Islam International interviews Kevin Barrett on Hakeem al-Araibi, the exiled Bahraini soccer player who has been singled out for detention and torture by Bahrain’s ruling al-Khalifa dynasty. His crime? Speaking out for freedom and justice way back in 2011!

Final 45 minutes: Former BBC journalist Tony Gosling discusses the war on alternative media—specifically, the witch-hunt against his radio program, Politics This Week, broadcast out of Bristol, UK. It seems that a group of subversive foreign agents called UK Lawyers for Israel has filed a complaint against Tony, alleging that his show is “being used for the propagation of conspiracy theories and extremist views.” The Zionist lawyers are hoping that OFCOM, the communications regulator of the UK, will ban Politics This Week, one of the few UK shows that explores issues too sensitive for the mainstream.

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