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FFWN: Youtube hiding “conspiracy videos”?

Broadcasts live Friday 11 to noon Eastern on  – then archived above


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War on Truth

2) YouTube Moves to Make Conspiracy Videos Harder to Find

3) Murdered on 9/11 — NYC’s only unsolved killing the day the twin towers fell

4) World Trade Center leases booming, famed developer Larry Silverstein says

War on alternative (i.e. truthful) media

5) Press TV anchor Marzieh Hashemi arrives in Tehran after 10 day detention in US

6) Pro-Israel Group Launches Vicious Attack on ICIT Director

War on Venezuela

7) US hits Venezuela’s state-owned oil company with sanctions

8) US gives opposition leader Guaido control over some Venezuelan assets

9) The Making of Juan Guaido: US Regime Change Laboratory At Work

10) Former US President Carter: Venezuelan Electoral System “Best in the World” (He said this in 2012)

11) Venezuela elections 2018: A look at the key points

12) What the Venezuelan Constitution Says About Changing the President

13) A coincidence? Venezuela green lights Russia to mine gold, in a matter of days US attempts overthrow

14) If the Army Stands With Maduro, What Is Plan B?

War on China  

15) US unveils its criminal case against Huawei, alleging China giant stole trade secrets and violated Iran sanctions

16) Huwei kidnapping, assassination linked?

17) Huawei, 5G and the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Zionist BS

18) ‘Does Israel Have A Right To Exist’ Is A Bullshit Question.

19) Rep. Ilhan Omar slammed for saying she ‘chuckles’ when Israel is called a democracy, compares it to Iran

20) Hitler-owned book hints at plans for North American Holocaust

Trump Circus

21) Trump’s golf course hired undocumented workers then quietly fired them during border wall shutdown

22) Don’t help elect Trump, you egotistical, billionaire a**hole,”

23) Ultra-Zionist Howard Schultz Presidential Bid: A Ploy To Re-Elect Trump?

Las Vegas false flag? Official story still doesn’t add up

24) FBI ends its investigation into the Las Vegas massacre — with no motive found

25) Las Vegas Shooting Multiple Shooters Police Scanner

Internet Monopolies are EVIL and must be DESTROYED

26) CIA front Amazon to become world’s biggest military contractor?

27) FaceBook is calculating YOUR probability of suicide—is “pre-crime” next?

28) ‘Reputational assault’: Mystery Wikipedia editor Philip Cross targets journalist Rania Khalek

What on Earth Is Going On?

29) Scientists Have Detected an Enormous Cavity under the Thwaites Glacier (the ice held in this glacier if melted could lift the ocean by about 2 feet)

30) The Enduring Quest for Übermensch: From Renaissance Humanism to Silicon Valley’s Posthumanism

31) Flashback: Rothschilds’ Economist forecast both 2015 Paris false flags

32) Grey Aliens and the Harvest of Souls After Death

3 Thoughts to “FFWN: Youtube hiding “conspiracy videos”?”

  1. I probably have nearly every False Flag videos that have been on YouTube. I just have not listed them ALL to watch from my main site. I’m going to be working on finishing that up though. I have one section that is over 100 videos.

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