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Robert David Steele on Gordon Duff, internet censorship, Zionism, Jeffrey Epstein, and 2020 presidential run; Monika Schaefer on finally getting out of political prison

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First hour: Former CIA Clandestine Services Officer Robert David Steele recently spent 20 hours talking to fellow ex-Marine/open-source intelligence legend Gordon Duff. (Listen to my interview with Gordon.) Despite their different perspectives on Donald Trump, they got along fine and shared ideas for saving America and the world.

Robert David Steele says he wants to discuss his views on Tim Cook receiving an award from ADL for de-platforming Alex Jones, the future of the Middle East and the denuclearization of Israel, and Debbie Wasserman Schultz throwing Jeffrey Epstein under the bus to get at Trump’s Labor Secretary (Steele says “huge mistake”). He also will discuss his plans to run for the Republican Party nomination in 2019-2020 with a radical new approach to election reform and election campaigning.

Second hour:  Canadian Holocaust skeptic Monika Schaefer spent most of the past year locked in a maximum security prison in Germany for the crime of making a tender and moving video about her mother. As long as there is a scrap of freedom left in America, Monika will always enjoy the First Amendment guaranteed right of free speech here on Truth Jihad Radio!

Monika’s persecutors justify their actions by invoking “hate.” But there is not the slightest trace of hate or even animosity in any of her political speech. On the contrary, Monika has always been a peace, love, and justice activist. (She was a leading Alberta Green Party figure for many years.)

Monika Schaefer obviously believes deeply in the truth of what she is saying. The six million dollar question: Could she be at least partly right? To answer that question, we need to set aside emotion, preconception, and prejudice, and calmly and methodically examine her arguments and evidence, along with counter-arguments by those who would refute her.

I started looking into this question around 2010 when I hosted a debate “Is Holocaust Revisionism Legitimate?” Thomas Dalton, arguing in the affirmative, followed up on the debate here while Roberto Muehlenkamp countered here.

Recommended sources I can vouch for include:

Ron Unz’s American Pravda: Holocaust Denial (in which one of America’s leading conservative thinkers comes out as a Holocaust revisionist—and the Spectator says it’s my fault!)

Michael Shermer and Alex Grobman, Denying History: Who Says the Holocaust Never Happened and Why Do They Say It? This is the best attempt to refute the Holocaust revisionists that I have encountered, vastly better than Deborah Lipstadt (which isn’t saying much.) Unfortunately it is not very convincing. We need a better anti-revisionist book!

Thomas Dalton, Debating the Holocaust: A New Look at Both Sides. The best book-length introduction to the subject.

And finally, my radio interviews with Gerard Menuhin, Nick Kollerstrom, Germar Rudolph, Henry Herskovitz, and Thomas Goodrich. (I’m still looking for guests willing to try to refute them!)

Below are some of Monika Schaefer’s recommended sources:

This is Robert Faurisson’s last public appearance, and I believe it was the very next day that he died of a heart attack. The venue of the gathering had been pressured by the usual suspects and there was a very dramatic ending to the conference. It is on film.
Here is the late great Robert Faurisson’s blog. Once there, one can hit the translate button, and all will be translated.
A short biography of RF written a few years ago, includes his famous 60-word sentence on the holocaust.
Here an example of one of his many many articles.
Okay, that’s enough for now. Have fun with that.

One Thought to “Robert David Steele on Gordon Duff, internet censorship, Zionism, Jeffrey Epstein, and 2020 presidential run; Monika Schaefer on finally getting out of political prison”

  1. Terry McKibbin

    Hi Kevin,
    I’m wondering when you and/or FFWN cohorts are going to declare BS on Robert David Steele as a self-proclaimed truth seeker/teller. It seems to be plainly obvious to many whom have read and/or listened to the man for more than a paragraph or a sound bite that he is a Pied Piper of the NWO freaks. Yes, the man is intelligent. But, really… Trump as a liberator from the oligarchs? Either too much respect is given to this man (Steele) whose credentials he flaunts in an attempt to lead the intellectual herd over the cliff, or not enough respect is given his actual capability to lead the disastrous way. As the sportscast bunch are admonishing their comrades, “C’mon man”! You are better than that (I think). I have not heard on peep from you regarding his QAnon affiliation and declarations. Now, to top off that, Steele has come forth with a plan for securing the border with our military troops. This is paramount to a NWO wet dream! U.S. economy-funded mercenaries and war toys to fight the Israeli victims (plausible disregard for U.S. government authority and oversight) while the military assumes greater authority and rule within our borders. Whew! Tell me this doesn’t make your body shiver! Please do your homework on Steele and make a stand, one way or the other. You owe it to us listeners and to your own integrity for calling out false flags.

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