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Admiral Murdered—World War 3 Coming?


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1) Help FFWN debunk implausible, incoherent, falsifiable mainstream beliefs

2) It’s December 7th: Never forget the Old Pearl Harbor!

Admiral Murdered—World War 3 Coming?

3) Navy admiral Scott Stearney found dead in Bahrain, no foul play suspected (!)

4) Robert Steele: US Admiral Scott Stearney Murdered in Bahrain? Rumored to Have Opposed False Flag (Zionists Will Fake Iranian Attack on US Naval Vessel)

5) Steele Meets Duff part 1   Steele appears tonight on Kevin’s show 8 to 9 pm Eastern on www.Revolution.Radio

6) World War 3: US sends aircraft carrier to Iran’s coast after Tehran launches new warship

7) Outrage as US/Canada grab Huawei CEO over Iran sanctions violations

8) Ukraine’s government approves draft memorandum on cooperation with IMF

Scumbag bites dust

9) Ding Dong the Bush is Dead

10) CIA asset WaPo on Bush’s “CIA omerta”

Worse scumbag to bite dust? (Not soon enough)

11) Palm Beach trial could reveal details of billionaire’s alleged abuse of teen girls

11.A) Jeffrey Epstein Settles Lawsuit Avoiding Testimony From Accusers in Sex Case

11.B) Lawmakers issue call for investigation of serial sex abuser Jeffrey Epstein’s plea deal

12) We dug deep to give a voice and a face to Jeffrey Epstein’s victims

Crushing Dissent

13) Sandy Hook Father Sues Authors Who Promote Conspiracy Theory

14) Paypal bans Gilad Atzmon

Academic Unfreedom

15) High-level operatives of the Israel lobby are behind calls to fire Marc Lamont Hill from Temple University

16) Attack on Professor Piers Robinson for ‘9/11 Truthing while a Journalism Teacher’

17) Another truth-telling anti-Zionist professor (Tim Anderson) suspended

Republicans: A Cancer on “Democracy”?

18) The Wisconsin power grab is part of a bigger Republican attack on democracy

19) Mueller’s Michael Flynn Memo Reveals a Massive Criminal Investigation Around Trump

20) DOJ Ramps Up Foreign Agent Probes including Podesta & Obama Counsel, Will Israeli Agents be Included?

Zionist Entity

21) Israel’s Lebanon border operation seen as a political move by embattled Netanyahu

22) Israel Loses UN Diplomatic Battle, Must Leave Golan Heights

23) Top court gives Israel even broader powers to use torture

24) Diamond smuggling scandal spotlights shadowy Israeli tycoon Lev Leviev


“Invasion” Hysteria

26) Immigration arguments: The good, the bad, and the ugly

27) Ron Unz on “Racial Politics in California” and “A Grand Bargain on Immigration Reform”

Assassination Nation

28) Daniel Best: Trump’s Vince Foster?

29) Long-Lost Garrison Files to Be Released

Far-right shenanigans

30) Far-Right Activist Laura Loomer Handcuffs Herself to Twitter HQ—Says Twitter is Holocausting Her for Being a “Nosey Jew”

31) Celebrities Say White Supremacists Used A New Video App To Trick Them Into Endorsing Anti-Jewish Conspiracy Theories

31A) Brett Favre endorses Goyim Defense League: “Don’t ever forget the USS Liberty!”

32) NRA worships “holy handgun” relic of sacred 9/11 human sacrifice

Yellow Jackets swarm France—smash things up

33) Yellow Jacket’ protests in France leave gas stations running dry; Paris riots worst  since 1968

34) France suspends fuel-tax hike that led to violent ‘Yellow Jacket’ protests

Bears swarm Canada—politely asked to move on

35) An Effective Canadian Approach to Bears


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