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Helen Buyniski: Wikipedia is rotten to the core!

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Why does Wikipedia use the CIA-invented slur “conspiracy theorist” in such a mindlessly pejorative way? Why are Wikipedia’s entries on the 9/11 truth movement so obviously dictated by the forces behind the cover-up of the worst crime in US history?

Investigative journalist Helen Buyniski has some answers. She has published several articles on Wikipedia, including Wikipedia: J’accuse, Wikipedia: Rotten to the Core, and Wikipedia: the Modern Delphic Oracle.

Helen writes:

“Our in-depth investigation has found that everything we’ve been led to believe about Wikipedia is a lie…Scratch the surface of the ‘free encyclopedia anyone can edit’ and you find a finely-honed propaganda machine manipulated by experts and used to destroy the reputations of those who dare question the status quo.”

Helen Buyniski

2 Thoughts to “Helen Buyniski: Wikipedia is rotten to the core!”

  1. Cat McGuire

    I had read the entire series of Helen’s groundbreaking investigative journalism articles on wikipedia and was perplexed. What more could she possibly say on Kevin’s show.?

    Hahahhahaha. She gave a FABULOUS intervew! And Kevin posed so many great questions, with Helen proving herself to be a thorough professional, effortlessly able to answer all of them.

    Great show to both Helen and Kevin. Very informative, engaging conversation.

  2. Brabantian

    Wikipedia founder Jimmy ‘Jimbo’ Wales is so well-connected in Israel, that he was one of the special invited guests to the intimate birthday parties of then-Israeli-President Shimon Peres

    Wales’ background for being anointed as Wiki chief, was that he was in the p-rnography selling business, and apparently showed himself as having no ethics or conscience … which is why child-violating criminals were long able to post tainted self-biographies of themselves, backed by Wales’ top aides, helping them to lure new victims

    ‘Report to EU Police Agencies and Prosecutors on Wikipedia Fraud Against European Citizens’

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