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Christopher Bollyn, Dean Henderson, and Cat Watters discuss 9/11 and more

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Cat April Watters interviews me, Christopher Bollyn, and Dean Henderson on “who really did 9/11” and related topics.

Christopher Bollyn is the author of Solving 9/11 and The War on Terror: The Plot to Rule the Middle East.

Dean Henderson has authored five books including Big Oil and Their Bankers in the Persian Gulf.

2 Thoughts to “Christopher Bollyn, Dean Henderson, and Cat Watters discuss 9/11 and more”

  1. Kevin Barrett

    From a listener:

    REF:Christopher Bollyn, Dean Henderson, and Cat Watters discuss 9/11 and more__on Kevin Barrett’s Truth Jihad Radio

    Having read and covered a lot of the topics Dean brought up I concur with a lot of what he had to say especially about it being time people woke up from their self imposed Coma and revolt against the Evil that is alarmingly permeating our world.

    What Dean spoke of resonates with me so much and I just wish more people could hear him. He is so right about how dumbed down people really are, especially Americans who indeed are Cowards- AT least I UK/Europe, people actually get out onto the streets to protest this and that but Americans just sit on their sofas eating their popcorn, watching their ball games or reality TV and leave it to the next guy more awakened than he to actually stand up and be counted.
    One thing also, a lot of the Culprits do belong to a Talmudic Luciferian Cult which is destroying both Islam and Christianity so in some ways it is ‘religious’ coz after all, Secret Society Satanists do actually believe what they believe IS their ‘religion’ like those Americans who won their case in an American State and got their Statue of Baphomet erected.

    I have never used facebook or twitter as my gut told me never to trust them and I was proven right.
    Such a pity also that now Skype is run by Microsoft which was my only direct mode of talking to people across the globe.
    What happened to Mike Harris’s plans to set up an independent alternative social media platform??

    What is needed is for a lot more meetings, talks, debates amongst People although raising costs for Venues [which can be blocked] can be expensive but surely NO RPICE should be placed ON THE TRUTH which should be free and indeed never fears any questions.
    hank you Dean for your brave activism

    Dean, I know you don’t like me sending you my missives which you asked me to stop before but there is a felling of urgency in me to send them to you because your views resonate with me which is after all why I originally contacted you.

    I know you are busy and probably don’t have time ot read what I send out but please give me 5 minutes of your precious time to look over what I send and be selective as to what catches your eye, the rest you have the liberty to press the delete button

    I have been sending my News missives for around 18 years now and to Kevin for some years now which he tells me he finds useful and at times enlightening. and on occasions he ahs actually had me on his shows to discuss issues I have raised. So from that respect, using the internet as a medium to communicate is a good thing. Of course that is now under threat as the usual suspects clamp the Truth, muzzle our voices and attempt to mind control our free thinking.

    I am by no means a brave person, but I just cannot sit back and remain silent as that for me is Complicity and I know God would not forgive me for staying silent about the Injustices being metered to tragically too many Human Souls whose rights are being abused at every turn, especially My people in the Middle East who are their latest targets, and my religion that has been the main target of these Luciiferian Secret Society Cults from Albert Pike affiliates through to the Talmudic Kabbala Chabad Lubavitch Cults to which Trump, Putin, Kushner, Neocons, Rotshchilds and Netanyahu are all devotees wishing to usher in their EVIL world, New World Order that is IMMORAL, Godless, heartless, Soulless , Sadistic and Satanic in nature. We are ruled by this obnoxious self appointed Black Nobility’ and it has to be stopped.

    Thank you for the debate

  2. Kevin Barrett

    Another listener writes:

    Prof Barrett,

    Heard your interview together with Chis Bollyn & co. interesting discourses, if I may I might take issue with just a few points that were made:

    The idea that Hitler was some sort of an occultist seems to be part and parcel of the demonisation of the image of the man, along with being a kinky homosexual etc, which came mostly after the war and in part to create isteria to go to war. Initially Hitler was considered to be a hero considering the economic miracle he created in DE, by other
    European leaders. There is a view that the bankers just expanded the money supply to stimulate the DE economy then when Hitler went against the international bankers in control in DE he insured his fate.

    I would plead with you to take a hard detailed look at ‘Global Warming’ which has morphed back and forth from/to ‘Climate Change’ depending on what the weather is doing.

    There is a an abundance of information/ data regarding this issue:

    The amount of C02 produced by man is negligible to the total amount that exists, the famous graph by Gore showing the parallel lines of temperature/co2 rise over a number of years, fails to point out that temperature rises about 700 years before CO2 levels rise!

    Is the climate changing, absolutely, as it has been doing for as long as the earth exists. These heart wrenching images of polar bears seemingly trapped on pieces of ice is exactly what they do when hunting they swim and then take a break on any piece of ice they find, as well icebergs that break off into the ocean are natural occurrences during
    the warming seasons.

    Wanting a cleaner planet has been lashed together with the idea that man is repsonislbe for the climatic changes that have been going on for thousands of years, to create this noble lie that man needs international agencies to control/tax our CO2 emissions , and by the way we as human beings emit CO2 into the atmosphere. This reminds of an
    English monarch who desperately needed to raise money but had taxed the pants off his subjects was counselled to create a tax on his subjects based on the fact that they exist! That Poll tax ended up with his closest economic advisers been killed by the common folk. Looks like the powers that be are just coming up with a more credible
    justification to insure economic control and subjugation.

    The creator of the Weather Channel, who is aging, has offered a fair amount of money to anyone willing to debate him on the issues, might be interesting to interview him or find a suitable debate partner, unwilling as most of them are to debate the subject, adhering to the adage. ‘don’t confuse me with facts my mind is made up’

    Perhaps the end all disclaimer regarding man made climate change: a patent had been granted at least 30 years ago on weather changing technology. One theory is that the incessant rain at Woodstock was created to destroy the event. Another interesting sidebar is the owner of the land who finally allowed the two promoters to stage the event
    was Jewish, as were the promoters of the event.

    I will not submit you to anymore of my ramblings, generous as you are in taking the time to read over them.

    Vb regards

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