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FFWN: Never Forget 9/11 (was an inside job)

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PSAs: Countdown: 11 days from 17th 9/11 anniversary

1) Never Forget 9/11 (was an inside job)…and help FFWN keep shouting it from the rooftops!

2) Coming Sept 10-11 (3) 9/11 Truth Live Streams of SF/DC/NYC events!

3) Join or start a candlelight vigil in front of YOUR local courthouse on 9/11/18!

9/11 Truth Emerging?


5) Here are the details: 9/11 A Mossad-PNAC Operation

6) Ex-mayor’s “Israel did 9/11″ post puts new pressure on Jeremy Corbyn in anti-Semitism storm | London Evening Standard

War on Syria

7) Russia masses warships off Syria ahead of regime’s final assault on Idlib

8) World War 3 fears: Russia threaten NUCLEAR WEAPONS to Syria in response to US sanctions

9) Bolton calls on Al-Qaeda to stage more chemical attacks in Syria

10) White Helmets accompany large delivery of poisonous chemicals to militants in Syria – MoD

11) Syrians in Idlib brace for the war’s final showdown

12) Rand Paul sparks firestorm with claim that John McCain posed with ISIS-linked jihadists in Syria

13) John McCain: When “Tokyo Rose” Ran for President

14) ‘Criminal’ Roger Waters blacklisted by Ukraine over Russian interviews

Zionist Entity

15) US ‘redirecting’ $200 million in aid from West Bank and Gaza

16) Israeli forces shoot Norwegian peace activist twice in one week (VIDEO)

17) New book gives credence to US ambassador’s claim that Israel tried to assassinate him in 1980

18) General Who Might Take Down Netanyahu

19) Censored film names Adam Milstein as Canary Mission funder

20) Is Israel’s hand behind the attacks on Jeremy Corbyn?

21) A ban on DC police training in Israel would make minorities less (MORE) safe

Crimes of the Banksters

22) Friday morning: Russia vows to ditch US dollar

23) Friday afternoon: Russian Central Bank building goes up in flames

24) The anti-dollar awakening could be ruder and sooner than most economists predict

War on Iran

25) ‘No need for aliens’: Iran says it doesn’t want foreign ships in Persian Gulf


27) Ayatollah Khamenei: Iran ready to abandon nuclear deal

“Holocaust Denial” and “The Protocols” 

28) American Pravda: Holocaust Denial, by Ron Unz

29) Eric Walberg revisits the Protocols

30) Suspect, 2 others dead after mass shooting at Jacksonville video game tournament

30A) With call for pope to resign, divisions within the Catholic Church explode into view  I will interview Catholic scholar E. Michael Jones live today, Friday 8/31/18, 8 to 9 pm Eastern on http://Revolution.Radio

War on Freedom

31) Ted Cruz called out by Sandy Hook lawyers for defending Alex Jones

32) NY Times blames “vaccine debate” on “Russian trolls”

33) Burning Man threatens to sue Feds over traffic stops

Still Hope for Electoral Democracy?

34) The Only Election Security Bill That Matters Picks Up Two New Senate Co-sponsors

35) Jewish, Latina and pro-BDS: The N.Y. Candidate Vying to Follow in Ocasio-Cortez’s Footsteps

Odds and Ends

36) The Undead Amy Biehl: CIA Psy-Op in South Africa?

37) Jerry Brown signs bill eliminating money bail in California

38) Florida Congressional candidate says she was abducted by aliens

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