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FFWN Aug. 24: Trump’s Trials and Travails


 1) Defeat Censorship: Watch and Promote FFWN!

1a) Coming Sept 10-11 (3) 9/11 Truth Live Streams of SF/DC/NYC events!

Trump Trials & Travails

2) It could be Trump’s worst day, ever: Manafort guilty on eight counts

3) Cohen pleads guilty and implicates Trump

4) Manafort: The American Lobbyist Who Undermined a Democracy

5) Manafort trial sheds light on Cyprus links of Trump/Rothschild ‘serial grifter’ Commerce Sec. Ross & Russian Jewish Oligarchs Deripaska & Vekselberg


7) Christopher Steele wins libel case by Russian Israeli Oligarchs in US Court with 1st Amendment

8) Trump, McCarthyism and Cohn: Where Trump Learned to Attack and Sow Division

Terrorists R US

9) ISIS given ‘breathing space’ in parts of Syria under US-backed forces’ control

10) Unidentified helicopters delivering arms to militants in Afghanistan – Moscow

11) Officials worry Trump may back Erik Prince plan to privatize war in Afghanistan

12) Rocket attack shakes Kabul as Afghan president marks start of Eid holiday

Zionist Entity

13) RIP Uri Averny (the last decent Jewish Israeli?)

14) NATO chief says alliance won’t aid Israel if Iran attacks

15) UN Chief Proposes Armed Peacekeeping Force to Protect Palestinians

16) Trump foresees future Israeli PM named “Mohammed”

Crimes of Ibn Saud

17) Bomb that killed 40 children in Yemen was supplied by the US

18) Female activist faces death penalty in Saudi Arabia

Censors Target Truth

19) Censorship always targets the truth (requires subscription)

20) Guns & Butter banned by KPFA —- Comments at Public Board Meeting

21) US Sanctions Shut Down ‘The Empire Files’ with Abby Martin

22) Internet Censorship: Appeal to Reinstate “American Everyman”

23) New WordPress policy allows it to shut down blogs of Sandy Hook deniers

24) Should Facebook delete its inauthentic self after it deletes over 650 accounts linked to influence efforts from Iran, Russia?

War on Russia/Iran

25) Russia just put its military on high alert ahead of massive war games that’ll be ‘unprecedented in scale’

26) FSB in Russia like our FBI in America sets up unwitting teenagers for terrorism charges

27) Iran’s Spiritual Empowerment and Defense Readiness

Debt Slavery

28) Khan’s Pakistan Held Hostage Between China’s OBOR & IMF Debt-Slavery: Time for a ‘Non-Aligned’ or Muslim Banking Alliance?

29) Truther-economist Michael Hudson’s insider insights

Election Fraud

30) Trump Fraud Guru Kris Kobach’s Kansas Victory Tainted by…Kobach’s Election System

31) Jonathan Simon on election rigging

US Prisons Institutionalize Torture and Slavery

32) Inmates across the U.S. are staging a prison strike over ‘modern-day slavery’

33) Soren Korsgaard: US “justice” system is CRIMINAL!

9/11: Still THE Issue

34) Editorial: Fawell entitled to his (9/11 Truth) views, voters entitled to reject them

35) Conspiracy theories “run rampant” in high school history classroom

Holocaustianity losing adherents?

36) Students reject indoctrination into Holocaustianity — teacher panics

37) Can Holocaust denial legally be considered hate speech?

Satanism GAINING adherents?!

38) WaPo promotes satanism—no wonder they’re on board with 9/11 human sacrifice

39) Illuminati Bankers Mainstream Ritual Human Sacrifice

Odds and Ends

40) The Caracas drone attack won’t be the last of its kind

41)How Brett Kavanaugh Worked to Weaponize the War on Terror

42) Subjexuals Rights Movement Recognized at University of Minnesota

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