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July 6 FFWN: False flags are getting highly unsubtle

Russia is reaping a PR bonanza at the World Cup—and suddenly “Novichok” magically appears next door to Porton Down.

Iran is about to rally Europe against the sanctions—and just as Rouhani is touching down in Switzerland, an “Iranian bomb plot” explodes into the headlines, triggering a Bibi Netanyahu barking fit.

The Syrian government is about to take back the southern part of the country—and suddenly….well, tune in next week and see if the false flag warnings currently making the rounds turn out to have been prescient.

Below are the stories we covered this week with special guest commentator Jonathan Revusky.


1) PSA: Fight Fake News — Support FFWN! (and tell your friends about us)

7/7 Anniversary: 13 Years of Injustice

2) Karin Brothers on 7/7 false flag anniversary

3) 7/7 Ripple Effect (updated version)

Good News (Man Bites Dog)

4) Mexico’s Lopez Obrador Wins Presidential Vote as Rivals Concede

5) Why Ocasio-Cortez’ Platform Is So Great

6) People Not as Stupid as Elites Think: Most Republicans, Democrats Believe US Media Knowingly Report Fake News – Poll

“Conspiracy Theories”

7) NYT: Political assassinations are a MEXICAN problem (but it could never happen here!)

8) Ron Unz on “American Pravda: The JFK Assassination: What Happened? and Who Did It?”

9) But why does Ron Unz blithely dismiss Betty Ong questions?

10) Another “Kennedy Conspiracy Theory”: Anthony Kennedy’s son was Trump’s moneylender at Deutsche Bank

11) MSM pushes back: “The Sad Delusion of Anthony Kennedy Conspiracy Theories”

12) Why you shouldn’t read conspiracy theories about the novichok poisoning, even if you really want to: If we get caught up in a culture of fake news, we’re as bad as Donald Trump

War on Russia

13) Britain demands Russia explain ‘what has gone on’ after latest nerve agent poisoning

14) Amesbury incident latest: Wiltshire couple were exposed to Novichok nerve agent, police confirm

War on Syria

15) The US Has Given Up on the Overthrow of Assad

16) Syria in Perspective: Fabricating Incidents to Incriminate The Syrian Government. Peter Ford

War on Iran

17) Iran slams Europe bomb plot arrests as ‘sinister false flag ploy’

18) Netanyahu Tells Europe to Get Tougher on Iran After France Bomb Plot

19) Iran’s Rouhani In Vienna to Shore up Nuclear Deal, Dogged By Diplomat’s Arrest

20)  The ‘Forgotten’ US Shootdown of Iranian Airliner Flight 655­

21) Drought-stricken Iran accuses Israel of stealing clouds, snow

War on Freedom

22)  UK judge’s ruling favors Zionists seeking to silence Gilad Atzmon

23)  The NSA wiretap rooms

24)  A Chinese-Style Digital Dystopia Isn’t As Far Away As We Think

War on Immigrants

25)  From L.A. to N.Y., hundreds of thousands join nationwide rallies to protest Trump’s immigration policies

26)  Judge rules that Trump administration has been wrongly detaining asylum seekers

27)  NYPD arrests woman who climbed Statue of Liberty after hours-long protest of kids imprisoned in Trump’s ICE camps

Trials and Travails of Alex Jones

28)   Husband of Sandy Hook victim joins defamation suit against Alex Jones

29)  Lawyers for Neo-Nazi to Defend Alex Jones in Sandy Hook Case

30) ISIS threatens Alex Jones: “Grow that beard longer or WE WILL BEHEAD YOU!”

Cult of the Sacred Holocaust

31) Political show trials in Germany! Lady Michèle Renouf, REPORTS FROM MUNICH on the SCHAEFER TRIAL, July 2-5, 2018

32) France converting Pantheon into yet another Holocaust museum

33) Donald Trump supporter Dinesh D’Souza claims he didn’t mean to retweet ‘Burn the Jews

34)  Settler terrorists call for making a Holocaust (burnt offering) of Palestinians

Odds and Ends

35) NYT: Saudis & Wahhabis in dysfunctional relationship but can’t “break up”

36) Indiana police say they seized ‘Trump-shaped ecstasy pills’

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