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James Perloff: American Revolution an Illuminati plot?

Broadcast live Friday, July 13, 8 to 10 pm Eastern, Revolution.Radio

First hour: Bestselling author James Perloff demolishes the myth of the American Revolution! Check out his two-part series THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION PART I: THE SECRETS BURIED AT LEXINGTON GREEN and THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION, PART II: WHO WROTE THE DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE? 

Did the Illuminati architects of the New World Order target the Americas as their future NWO capital as far back as 1627, when Francis Bacon published The New Atlantis? Were the Founding Fathers freemasons acting under Illuminati orders? Was the “shot heard round the world” fired at Lexington Green a false flag? Was the “taxation without representation” issue a big lie? Were Sam Adams and his mobs terrorists? Was the American Revolution a bait-and-switch operation, winning a degree of liberty and prosperity for the revolutionists in order to encourage purely destructive future revolutions (France, Latin America, Russia)— “like the first hand dealt to a rube in a crooked poker game”? Was mythical arch-villain King George III “extraordinarily hardworking, diligent, religious, frugal and moral…a generous, kindly man with a gentle sense of teasing humor”? Have we even been lied to about who really wrote the Declaration of Independence? In short, is the “public myth” (Zelikow’s term) of the American Revolution a big lie, just like the mind-bogglingly mendacious heroic myth of World War II?

Second hour: Whistleblowing commercial airline pilot Ralph Rodehag returns to continue our discussion of:

“Control and power structure – Banks – Politics – Religions – Police and Military – Education -Food industry – Pharmaceutical industry – Entertainment and other industry -Psychological control – Science – AI – Work -Debunking/Ridiculing – Technology – Communication (Psychology).”

For more information, check out: “Airline pilot Ralph Rodehag discusses 9/11 UFOs and more”

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