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Fight Fake News, Watch FFWN!

1)PSA: Fight Fake News, Watch FFWN! (and spread the word)

Why FFWN Is More Necessary than Ever

2) Government begins battle against ‘alt-news’ sources and ‘alarmist’ stories with pilot of rapid response team dubbed ‘fake news unit’

3) Facebook slammed by Sandy Hook parents over lies, hoax claims

4) FaceBook stock plunges 20% overnight as “MSM-approved info only” campaign escalates

5) Advertiser-Driven Censorship on YouTube Hits 9/11 Truth Doc

6) Amazon’s Face Recognition Tool Confused 28 Lawmakers With Arrestees


ISIS”: Mossad, crazy people, or Mossad manipulating crazy people?

8) Notorious Israel-linked “terror journalist” Gutjahr crushed by German courts!

9) Toronto Attack Revives Debate Over ISIS’ Call to Arms to the Mentally Ill

10) Who’s crazier: “ISIS” saying “arm the crazies,” or American pols saying “arm the toddlers”?

Crimes of Zion

11) Rise and Kill First: The Secret History of Israel’s Targeted Assassinations – review

12) Rep. Jason Spencer gets “Israeli terror training”  full “must watch” video:

13)Georgia state Rep. Jason Spencer resigns after baring his butt and yelling the n-word on TV full “must watch” video:

14) Netanyahu admits he controls America

15) Why Israel Got the Biggest Win From Helsinki

War on Iran


17) Iran tweets back to Trump: COLOR US UNIMPRESSED

18) Colonel MacGregor Warns President Trump that Another ‘Gulf of Tonkin’ Incident Could Be Staged to Incite New US War with Iran

19) Pompeo vows support to Iranian ‘people’s voice’ against ‘mafia’ leaders

20) Newly Revealed: Mossad Provided Intel on Iranian, France Bomb Plot

21) Mossad Agents Participated in Capturing Iranian Bombers in Belgium

22) Mossad-MEK terrorist website: “Europe Must Close Its Iranian Embassies”

War on Syria

23) Israel helping move 800 White Helmets out of Syria via Jordan – report

24) US Rushes to Withdraw White Helmets as Syrian Army Advances in South –Reports

War on Russia

25) US releases $200mn in military aid to Ukraine

26) British Police Identify Two Russian Suspects in Novichok Poisonings Using Facial Recognition Tech

27) Russia ditching US Treasuries for gold in bid to protect economy & diversify – analysts to RT

Trump Follies

28) Trump Weighs Stripping Security Clearances From Officials Who Criticized Him

29) ‘Trump Chicken’ blimp to be sailed around San Francisco Bay

9/11 still as relevant as ever

30) Backlog of 9/11-illness cases sparks opening of new lower Manhattan clinic

31) Ray McGovern talks to Kevin Barrett–first time since 2007—controversial issues raised!

Bad news

32) PBS Report from Yemen: As Millions Face Starvation, American-Made Bombs Are Killing Civilians

33) Ecuador’s president to hand Assange over to UK during London visit – Greenwald

Upbeat Ending: Maybe democracy isn’t quite dead yet?

34) VT’s Imran Khan declares victory in Pakistan’s general election

35) Bernie Sanders, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Bring A Joint Progressive Push To Kansas

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  1. […] False Flag Weekly News (watch it above, click HERE for links to stories we covered) featured guest commentator Greg Felton, a former MSM journalist […]

  2. […] Flag Weekly News (watch it above, click HERE for links to stories we covered) featured guest commentator Greg Felton, a former MSM journalist […]

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