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Ibrahim Soudy on Supreme Court upholds Trump’s Muslim ban; Scott Bennett on Iran’s plans to take the real 9/11 criminals to court

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First half hour: Trump’s Muslim ban has only one cause: the Islamophobia intentionally created by the 9/11 false flag operation. Yet most Americans, including American Muslims, are sleepwalking into an ever-worsening nightmare. Ibrahim Soudy, a Ph.D. structural engineer and member of Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth, says that science is now a dead letter in America…and American culture is a disease, with no cure on the horizon.

Second half hour: Scott Bennett, the whistleblowing former US Army psy-ops officer and one-time assistant to 9/11 suspect Dov Zakheim, discusses how he, along with former Wolfowitz colleague Michael Maloof and former CIA officer Philip Giraldi, met with unidentified Iranian officials in Mashhad, Iran last month and urged them to expose the real 9/11 criminals in an American courtroom. That meeting led to the 9/11 Truth Leaders’ Letter to Iran urging the Iranian government to appeal the Southern District Court of New York ruling ordering Iran to pay six billion dollars in 9/11 reparations. ¬†Iran is currently mulling its options; I hope there will be surprising newsworthy developments in the not-too-distant future.

One Thought to “Ibrahim Soudy on Supreme Court upholds Trump’s Muslim ban; Scott Bennett on Iran’s plans to take the real 9/11 criminals to court”

  1. “science is now a dead letter in America‚Ķand American culture is a disease, with no cure on the horizon.”

    My observation, is that western societies are very much eager to embrace a convenient lie, than embrace a truth that might demand of them to grow a backbone and reassess much of their established beliefs and allegiances. The cultural landscape very much lends itself to facilitating that kind of lies-tolerant societies. For instance, at least for the first 10 years of their lives, western people are lied to by family and society in order to continue promoting pagan myths, for the sake of culture and silly traditions : Santa Claus, Easter Bunny and eggs, Halloween…etc.

    That kind of upbringing, where lies are considered normal and fun, makes them very much ripe to easily embrace lies later in adulthood. So when one becomes adult in that kind of western culture, accepting the lies of the ruling class and going along with the official propaganda, is also considered normal for the sake of convenience, and for the sake of “not rocking the boat”.

    To illustrate what I am talking about regarding the cultural landscape that most westerners are comfortable in, the chorus of a song by ‘Hilary Duff’ that has been played non-stop lately on FM radio and that makes me want pull my hair, goes like this :

    “Tell me lies
    Tell me sweet little lies
    (Tell me lies, tell me, tell me lies)
    Oh, no, no you can’t disguise
    (You can’t disguise, no you can’t disguise)
    Tell me lies
    Tell me sweet little lies”

    It turns out that song is originally a ‘Fleetwood Mac’ song. The fact that “To date, it is their most recent top 10 hit in the US” (wikipedia), and that it is blaring non-stop on FM radio (Duff’s version), is another indication of the love affair with lies, most people in the west have.

    Pornography is allowed and tolerated under the pompous pretext that it is “Freedom of Expression”. Can’t we at least be honest for once and call it ‘state sanctioned debaucheries’, to honor the many lives it has wrecked so far ?.

    Lies and liars are even perpetrated and tolerated in the field of science, long before the ignominy of 9-11 and its so-called ‘NIST Report’. The example that immediately comes to my mind is ‘The Piltdown Man forgerie’. That 41 yo paleontologic hoax, destined to provide the holes-filled ‘Theory of Evolution’ with a missing link between Ape and Man.

    Another indication of the love affair westerners have with lies, fakery, fantasy and propaganda, is the addiction they have to their TV, but I won’t expand on that here. Whenever I see them on the street struggling with their newly bought big screen TV, trying to hail a taxi, I don’t know if I should help them with it, or smash it on their empty skulls to help them snap out of their trance state.

    “In God We Trust” is the official motto of the United States of America. I think it should be officially replaced without further delay by : “In Lies We Trust (wink wink)”. Would you sign the petition ?.

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