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False Flag Weekly News June 29 2018: Some Good News, Trumpian Chaos, Crybaby Israel, and more!

1) PSA: Make Bibi Cry, Support FFWN!

Man Bites Dog! FFWN Offers Some Good News

2) Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s victory is a big sign that Democrats can run on socialist ideas and win

3) US Presbyterian Church with 1.5m Members Votes Unanimously to Support BDS

US Domestic Politics Implodes into Trumpian Chaos  Part 1: Supreme Court Follies

4) Supreme Court upholds Trump travel ban on some Muslim-majority nations

5) Sonia Sotomayor Delivers Sharp Dissent in Travel Ban Case

6) Justice Anthony Kennedy announces retirement, giving Trump 2nd Supreme Court pick

US Domestic Politics Implodes into Trumpian Chaos  Part 2: More Immigration Wars

7) Trump: asylum seekers are invaders

8) Trump slammed over ‘illegal’ suggestion to send ‘invaders’ back

9) Illegal Immigration Does Not Increase Violent Crime, 4 Studies Show

10) Federal judge orders Trump administration to reunite migrant families (If you ask for asylum you lose your children.)

11) US Court Documents Reveal – Immigrant Children Tied Down, Hooded, Beaten, Stripped and Drugged

12) Why Sarah Sanders was asked to leave a restaurant

War on Syria

13) Russia Officially Enters Southwest Syria Offensive Despite US Warnings

14) Assad Preparing to Retake Southwest Syria and Israel Will Have to Decide Whether to Intervene

15) US will suffer ‘another Vietnam’ in Syria, Iranian leader’s top aide warns

16) White Helmets are helping Syrian militants prepare ‘false flag’ chemical attack – Idlib residents

17) OPCW gains power to (MIS) assign guilt for (FALSE FLAG) chemical attacks after UK proposal

War on Korea

18) Syrian President to meet Kim Jong Un in North Korea, report says

19) Satellite images show North Korea upgrading nuclear facility

Psy-Group, Cambridge Analytica Election Tweaking

20) Mexico’s ruling party paid Cambridge Analytica to not mess with its presidential election

21) Psy Group sister company controlled by Russian billionaire

22) Manafort Had $10 Million Loan from Russian Oligarch Deripaska: Court Filing

23) Special counsel obtains Trump ally Erik Prince’s phones, computer

Bnai Brith Has Its “Bigotry” Backwards — Needs to Look in the Mirror

24) Canadian Professor Accused of Holocaust Denial Blames Jewish Families for ‘Islamophobia Industry’

25) Israeli-American bomb hoax suspect convicted — now let’s arrest the criminals who manufactured and planted hate speech on Tony Hall’s FB page!

26) Three Courageous Jews Who Resist Zionist Censorship (subscribers only)

Crimes of Zion

27) WJC launches digital initiative to fight online BDS incitement

28) Robert Fisk-The ‘Ultimate Deal’ That Jared Kushner is Proposing for Palestine would Strip the People of All Their Dignity

29) US Pulls Out of Human Rights Council as Israel Prepares Major Offensive on Gazan, Lebanese Civilian Targets

30) Israel: You can’t PROVE we poisoned Arafat!

31) Outrage after Netanyahu security bars journalist from Prince William event

32) Counting Down to Donald Trump’s Complete Betrayal of Israel on Iran

33) Cry Baby Israel

NYC Horror Stories

34)FDNY Chief Who Led Recovery Efforts Dies of 9/11-related Cancer

35) Jewish Board sponsored Nazi-style study separating twins and triplets

Erdogan Wins Big in Turkey, Irking Western Establishment

36) Erdogan’s victory: bias and hypocrisy run amok

37) Kevin deconstructs NYT article on Turkish elections

38) Turkey: The other side of the story, with Sami al-Arian

War on Working Folks

39) As in India, US Farmers Caught in Crushing Agribusiness Debt Trap Turn to Suicide in Spiking Numbers

40) Trump’s ‘cruel’ measures pushing US inequality to dangerous level, UN warns

41) The first layoffs from Trump’s tariffs are here

42) ‘Right back at ya’: Iran’s Zarif trolls Pompeo by rewriting his statement to reflect US failings

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