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Spielberg urges mandatory holocaust education theme parks

Expanding his recent call for mandatory holocaust education, Edward Bernays Award-winning filmmaker Steven Spielberg yesterday demanded that the US government build thousands of Holocaust World theme parks.

“They would basically be like Jurassic Park, taking you back in time and terrifying the living daylights out of you,” Spielberg explained. He added that instead of killer dinosaurs, the parks would feature AI-driven Nazi androids who would round up visitors, strip them of their clothing, and herd them into ultra-realistic gas chambers.

Spielberg cited polls showing that a substantial number of Americans do not know or care about the holocaust, while a few even question some of its most sacred historical details. “The best way to make sure that no American ever, ever forgets the holocaust, not even for one single millisecond, is to strip the entire population naked and herd them all into gas chambers,” the celebrated director of Schindler’s List asserted. “And what better way to do so than by using that quintessentially American institution, the cheesy theme park, pioneered by that nasty old anti-Semite Walt Disney? After all, theme parks and other schlocky immersion experiences like my movies are where goys get what passes for education.”

When a skeptical reporter asked whether Americans would be willing to pay to undergo a terrifying and degrading “authentic gas chamber experience,” Spielberg explained that the theme parks would have to be rolled out as mandatory entertainment: “Every high school student in America should be required to spend a year studying the holocaust. They will be assigned the leading defenses of the sacred official version, namely Denying History by Shermer and Grobman and Denying the Holocaust by Lipstadt, alongside Debating the Holocaust by Thomas Dalton. Then the students will be bussed to a nearby Holocaust Theme Park, stripped naked, and herded into gas chambers. The ones who think Dalton raises any legitimate questions will be sent to special gas chambers equipped with shower heads that emit real Zyklon B. AI-driven Nazi androids will dispose of their bodies by burning them, burying them in marshes, digging them up, burning them again, and burying them again, leaving no forensic traces and providing a ‘final solution’ to the problem of holocaust skepticism.”

Turning to other subjects, Spielberg said that negotiations are underway with Jared Kushner, who hopes to sell 666 5th Avenue and use the proceeds to finance an erotic remake of Schindler’s List. The proposed film would star “Stormtroopin’ Stormy” Daniels and currently has the working title Schindler’s Lust.  Executive Producer Donald Trump could not be reached for comment.

8 Thoughts to “Spielberg urges mandatory holocaust education theme parks”

  1. The 9-11 [INDOCTRINATION] Museum in New York pushes a Common Core curriculum for kindergarten through 12th grade about the 9-11 official narratives. It is logical to question ALL narratives that are used by ‘zionists’ to promote their domination over the gentiles.

    The gateway for me to discover the holocaust deceptions was in realizing 9-11 was perpetrated by international ‘zionists’ and Israel.

    1. Hugh

      It’s an industry.. a money making industry

    2. Hugh

      Got to CRAM this down the American publics throats.. even if it’s not true.

  2. Q. What’s the difference between a Jew and a pizza?

    A. One doesn’t scream in the oven.

    1. Arab people are violent. But it’s the Jews who write the statistics and control the media. So, who cares ?.

    2. What do sneakers and Jews have in common? They’re more common in 39 than in 45.

  3. Is Amin Abdullah a pseudonym like Adam Gadahn … perhaps a Jew working to defame muslims with ‘humor’ that is easily condemned as crude and insensitive?

    This Polish saying isn’t a joke:
    “The Jew cries out in pain as he strikes you.”

    1. Rest assured Doctor, I am not passing myself for anyone that I am not. I am a muslim, thanks to Allah, out of conviction (as opposed to muslim out of convenience. or out of cultural reflex).

      That said, I do acknowledge that I am a bit “way out of the box (any box)”. I shall gladly leave the duties of conforming to society’s norms and expectations to others.

      I invite you to read the blurb of some of my YT uploads to realize that for yourself :

      In particular, read the blurb of my upload titled : “Muslims gone wild”. It is so off the mainstream thinking of my fellow Muslims, that so far none cared to comment. I must have thrown them seriously off balance (lol).

      I won’t recommend that you study the Quran since I am not in the business of proselytizing, but I do recommend that you read : “Man’s search for himself” by ‘Rollo May’. It will help you start undoing the chains that society tend to put around people’s mind.

      Anyway, more seriously : How do you teach A-rabs to change a light bulb ?. You can’t. They all just sit in the dark and blame the Jews.

      Be well, Doctor.

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