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Alan Sabrosky on censorship, Zionism & 9/11, and more

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Jewish* ex-Marine Corps Sgt. Alan Sabrosky,  former Director of Studies of the Army War College’s Strategic Studies Institute, came on my radio show in March 2010 to state that “9/11 was a Mossad operation, period.” Mentioning Alan’s name during the Q&A at public events can get you arrested, as Jeremy Rothe-Kushel found out the hard way:

Dennis Ross: Well, look, I don’t think that as a matter of policy, that the United States or Israel engage in acts of terror.  Terror is you target deliberately civilians for an expressed political purpose. The idea that Israel had something to do with 9/11 is just outrageous – they had nothing to do with it.

Rothe-Kushel: Tell that to the Marine, Alan Sabrosky.

Seconds later, Jeremy was manhandled and arrested by trained-in-Israel off-duty cops, who also roughed up librarian Steve Woolfolk. BREAKING NEWS: Jeremy just sued the culprits! 

What’s the connection between the 9/11 coup, the Zionist takeover of America, Israel’s preparations for launching a huge new war, and escalating censorship? Alan Sabrosky breaks it down…and offers a few strategic tips to the Resistance.


*”I express my Jewish ethnicity through cuisine, not foreign policy.” -Alan Sabrosky

3 Thoughts to “Alan Sabrosky on censorship, Zionism & 9/11, and more”

  1. Eggbert

    Thanks Kevin for having Dr. Sabrosky on again; great show. Good to hear he’s a holohoax truther too. I didn’t know about Allison Weir’s YT Channel being Shoah’d, :~(

    On some of those “suspicious truther deaths”; Thorn, Webb, Piper & I’ll even add Ruppert; all IMHO. Thorn’s is the biggest mystery– given his “3rd Rail” writings/books, incl 911, holohoax & HRC criminality, I’d automatically assume murder (suicided, or arkancided). But IIRC his son (or was it his brother?), and Dave Gahary, & some others I forgot, all seemed to (publicly) agree that his suicide was as advertised. So I’m in a quandary on the V.Thorn death mystery.

    Evidence was Piper drank himself to an early grave. He was an active alkee through his last decade & I assume it progressed through most of his life. This was mostly kept mum by those truthers with platforms who eulogized him after he died (AND kept mum when he was alive), but I did hear a Duke/Dankof show where they mentioned it. I remember Piper’s regular scheduled RBN & Ugly Truth shows +/- 2010; but he often cancelled coz… “under the weather”; plus I heard other of his shows where he was clearly lit. Stadtmiller for one, fired him. AFP fired him around a year before his death. Piper’s various physical ailments which hospitalized him a few times in his last couple years, were all well known chronic alc abuse effects.

    Ruppert was also an active alkee when he committed suicide. He’d been “recovering” IE sober between mid ’90s through 2004, & I recall he mentioned breaking the seal on that sobriety after he finished his “…Rubicon” book; then I expect the demon juice gradually got the better of him again through his remaining ~decade. I saw him do at least a couple appearances where he was lit, incl a short skype-video interview on Abby Martin’s former RT show. His suicide appeared to me entirely authentic, based on a bunch of other circumstantial evidence I won’t type up in proper detail here.

    Ruppert was a lone voice insisting Webb’s suicide was real, and he tried in a couple of FromTheWilderness articles to argue that case, with circumstantial & forensic (Webb’s remains, as told to Ruppert via a phone call to coroner’s office) evidence. RE the “2 shots in the head” trick, Ruppert asserted Webb’s first shot merely ended up blowing out his jaw, but wasn’t instantly lethal; so Webb still had the wherewithal to aim & shoot again lethally into his head/brain. I find this plausible, at least. If it were 2 shots in the BACK of the head, different story!

    1. Kevin Barrett

      Well, my drug problem is “Muslim wine,” which is the original name for coffee. I am cutting down from two strong cups a day to one to none in preparation for Ramadan, which is tough enough without caffein withdrawal headaches.

      Just putting that on the record ; – )

    2. turtle

      Not buying what you are selling Eggbert. Even Snopes (of all the gatekeeper disinformation sites!!) aren’t perpared to actively debunk Thorn’s murder. What does that tell you?

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