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Marvin Sandnes’s truth-telling run for Congress; Cathleen McGuire offers ecofeminist take on #MeToo

Broadcast live 8 to 10 pm Eastern Friday Feb. 9, then archived HERE

First hour: Marvin Sandnes ran for Congress in 2016 (Green Party, Oregon’s 5th District) and is still running! He knows that a win would be highly improbable, given the disparity between the financial resources on his side versus those that could be mustered to keep him out of the House of Representatives.  So the real purpose of running for office, for under-financed truth-speakers like Marv,

is to amplify his message and broadcast it to a huge audience, including many who have never been exposed to alternative perspectives. (Over a million people received a printed version of his official campaign platform statement!)

In this interview we discuss 9/11 truth, political assassinations, the crimes of US empire, Zionism and Zionist power in America, techniques by which the public is brainwashed, and other critically important issues ignored or suppressed by mainstream political candidates. He also suggests that the Zika virus was “payback” for Dilma Rousseff’s refusal to hire Israeli security for the 2016 Olympics.   He writes: “‘We cannot forgive you for making us kill your children.’  – Golda Meir   This is my favorite quote e.g. of the pathology of victim-hood.  Or perhaps a gangster’s justification?  To get to sleep?”

2nd hour: Cathleen “Cat” McGuire is on the cutting edge of several NYC activism scenes. In this interview she explains her take on feminism – an approach she calls ecofeminism – and discusses #MeToo and related issues.  For more information see Cat’s website on ecofeminism:

I generally prefer traditionalism to feminism. But Cat’s analysis, which opposes identity politics and the secular-materialist version of “progress,” and offers a lucid and coherent critique of what our culture’s male-centered values are doing to the planet, is surprisingly convincing.

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  1. I am glad you have discovered EcoFeminism. Thanks for thr link to the Eve site.

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