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TJ Radio: Christopher Fogarty exposes the Irish holocaust; Faramak Zahraie responds to Ibrahim Soudy

This show is archived here.  

First hour: Christopher Fogarty is a leading expert and activist on the Irish holocaust (sometimes called a “potato famine” by Irish holocaust deniers). A carpenter and former journalist with Irish American News, his 1980s pamphlet on the Irish holocaust migrated to the web in the 1990s and became During the first 30 minutes, we discuss the Irish holocaust of 1845-1850 (more than 5 million murdered by the British government) and attempts to cover it up. In the second segment Christopher describes how he was personally targeted by MI5 false flag terrorists – and offers evidence that these deep state criminals were working for the neocons who have since then perpetrated the 9/11-instigated 32 million Muslim holocaust.

Second hour: Faramak Zahraie is web developer, software engineer, and American Muslim activist. He strongly disagrees with some of the views Ibrahim Soudy expressed on my December 15th show. Here’s his chance to counter with his own perspective!

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