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Eric Walberg on “The Canada-Israel Nexus”

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Do Zionists dominate Canada even more than the USA? What can we learn about the Global Zionist Power Configuration (GZPC) by studying Israel’s stealth takeover of the USA’s neighbor to the north?  Quite a bit, it turns out. And the place to begin is Eric Walberg‘s hot-off-the-presses  The Canada-Israel Nexus. Walberg writes:

“Canada and Israel were cut from the same cloth: settler colonies that dispossessed and killed natives to steal their lands. While there were stark differences— in the size of the colonies, their geopolitics, their historical period, and in the degree of ruthlessness exercised by the mother country and its settlers— they both are offspring of British imperialism.”

This book is going to be unpopular with Zionists for many reasons, not least of all due to its thoughtful and balanced treatment of Ernst Zundel and other holocaust revisionists. I’m surprised B’nai Brith-ADL hasn’t yet started firing press releases out of both barrels at Eric! Maybe they realize it would just bring the book not-unhelpful publicity. In hopes of spurring them on, I would like to call their attention to some nice, juicy quotes:

Walberg writes of:

“Talmudic acknowledgment of responsibility for the execution of Jesus” (73);

“the inherent injustice of the Zionist project” (238);

the Jews’ “monopoly on the capital H version” of the Holocaust (24). (Walberg urges that the term be abandoned, and implicitly acknowledges the reasonableness of some of the questions raised by revisionists).

Walberg’s book also contains an accurate description of the Zionists’ “targeting” of University of Lethbridge professor (and False Flag Weekly News co-host) Anthony Hall (340) and other Canadian professors and activists. In this interview, Eric says he is happy to be an independent journalist and historian rather than an academician due to the increasing frequency of such Zionist witch-hunts.

But before the above is taken out of context (are you paying attention, B’nai Brith?) please note that Eric Walberg is an admirer of the vibrant creativity of Jewish culture in general and the Canadian Jewish community in particular. The book celebrates Jewish achievements while simultaneously critiquing the distorted Judaism that has become Zionism.

The Canada-Israel Nexus ends on a hopeful note, predicting that “At some point, anti-Zionism will become a core mainstream Canadian belief, as did anti-Apartheid before it…This new political nexus is taking shape now, bringing together a growing network of protesters, including Jewish Canadians, as well as natives of both Canada and Israel.”

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