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Brendon O’Connell, anti-Zionist asylum seeker, imprisoned in New Zealand – violation of Geneva Conventions

A letter from my regular radio guest Maisoon Rice:

“All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.” – Universal Declaration of Human Rights (U.N. Article 1.10 December 1948)
Brendon seriously needs our help, EXPOSURE of New Zealand breaching Geneva Conventions on Asylum Seekers- something he has now added to his fight for justice repertoire!! I hope what I have provided below is of some use to you Kevin. Call me if you want any more though this is all I know at present from the updates I have watched, heard about. The 9 page letter  I too was supposed to receive but they did not send to to me as B requested it to be!! Di Chadwell and Daniel got to see it and Daniel gives a brief summary of its content below.

Having had 3 precious years of his life taken away from him depriving him of his liberty, his future prospects [marriage, continuing his Nursing etc.., having been viciously beaten up in jail[picture below] for also bravely exposing Corruption within Australian Penal system- Drugs trafficking etc which B speaks about in one of his earlier videos ,

Brendon did not want to return to jail after another trumped up charge was made against him for ‘taping a conversation with an Official and making it public’- so he skipped bail and headed for Iran hoping for Asylum there which they had agreed to give him but Iranian Officialdom turned out to be also corrupt so he left [again he did a video on that]. He then went to Malaysia via Visa and stayed a few months and then applied for asylum there but because he had entered Malaysia with a visa he did not qualify for Asylum which they failed to tell him at the beginning which they should have done.

He was told to try New Zealand and sadly was LURED there, deceived by this guy Chris Paul??? Upon arrival he was immediately arrested and taken to a detention centre Oct 12th. He had a brief Court appearance and has been held -Charged on ‘character grounds’  [his previous jail time] -held at Mt Eden Jail maximum security-contrary to UN Conventions on Asylum Seekers., contravening Intl Laws on Asylum Seekers. Conditions there are dire, having had his possessions taken away, his clothes, he had no shoes for 9 days and no cups to drink from, plus centre over crowded with no proper legal representation for the many Asylum detainees there, not fed properly etc..

His Aussie lawyers, the Foleys have been denied proper access to their Client Brendon  who told them that the NZ lawyers ‘are backward bunch of hillbillies and a joke and  their system is a joke!’  All this is Professional Negligence on their part. He wrote a 9 page letter to his Aussie lawyers describing the terrible conditions of the detainees and his own predicament.

 His Aussie lawyer wants to issue Habeas Corpus to get his release.
His NZ lawyer Carol Curtis [appointed by the Foleys to represent B in NZ] been paid $8000 and done nothing to help B.
He is awaiting Trial Dec 5th.

Some videos, background and updates

If  his  Asylum application  is denied,  they will deport him back to Australia  [something B does not want] but B says if his legal counsel write to Malaysian Consulate, they may agree to him being returned to Malaysia. If they don’t agree B says he will kick a stink, hunger strike etc.

His lawyers have tried unsuccessfully, to contact Dept of Foreign Affairs and Trade DFAT,  [[because  of of Julie Bishop, who does not like Brendon because he exposed   illegal financing of ADANI [which she is allegedly linked to]]- no response from DFAT!! B’s lawyers shocked at how NZ attempting to disappear B.

This Video – phone call with B and member of his legal team his lawyer explains situation more  with Activistnews- Daniel Walker, who personally knows B, summing things up
another one to watch:

THIS IS WHAT THEY DID TO HIM in AUSSIE Jail– Beat him up to a pulp  so can you really NOT understand why he is so angry!! especially when 3 years of his life has been taken away from him, how they tried to expunge is Nursing degree etc… and to be arrested for ‘hurting the feelings of a rabid Zionist Jew Agitator who was filming Brendon  and his friends and then attacked B with his camera prompting B to DEFEND Himself and then this Jewish bastard cries wolf and reports him when B should have reported Keyser for attacking him first!!  Activist News with his friend Daniel Walker and this one  DEFAMING Brendon- interesting background given by his friend Daniel on Mediaworks {Jewish Zionist links]] by Harrison Christian, defending Israel when they bombed Gaza, declaring Israel not in the business of killing people/Children. His boss  CEO Michael Anderson links to Fairfax [previous job] which finances Mediaworks with its 2 star of David  side by side Logo
AVOID this  nutjob guy spreading disinfo McLeo in NZ trying to discredit B and Activistnews- spewing rubbish  and going into tangents that are irrelevant to B and attempting to ridicule what Brendon is actually fighting against. McLeo’s attempts to bring up the Jewish questions deliberate to slur Brendon.
So in summary, Brendon has been incarcerated since Oct 12th, being treated like a criminal instead of as a Political Asylum seeker. He is now trying to highlight the poor conditions of Asylum seekers in the detention centre  at Mount Eden. The whole point of him coming to NZ was to seek political asylum because of the terrible injustice he received in Australia due to Jewish and Israeli lobby groups who stole 3 years of his  life and liberty and yet NZ charged him under grounds of ‘character’ due to his jail time in Australia.
His appointed NZ lawyer as not served him well but more than happy to have taken her legal fees from Brendon’s legal team – his legal team are not happy with her!! She failed to turn up at his court appearance where B represented himself!! His next appearance due Dec 5th.  Brendon is very keen to let as many people know about his plight as he tells his legal counsel the video above during their telephone conversation.
To seek truth and to utter what one believes to be true can never be a crime. No one must be forced to accept a conviction. Conviction is free. —Michael Servetus
I regret that is all  the update I have managed to find. His friends including myself, are very concerned for his safety and well being. Our thoughts and prayers for him and hopefully, God willing, he may experience a victory for truth and justice and take back his life and his freedom which every human soul is entitled to.
“There are only two mistakes one can make along the road to truth; not going all the way, and not starting.” – Buddha
Brendon went far beyond all the way , forced into starting a very stressful painful journey that few people take, which has personally cost him dearly [jail time and suspicious untimely deaths of his sister a 3 friends].
Expose your ideas to the dangers of controversy.
Speak your mind and fear less the label of ‘crackpot’
than the stigma of conformity.                                                                    
And on issues that seem important to you,
Stand up and be counted at any cost.
~ Thomas J Watson (1874-1956)
I send this this Irish Gaelic blessing to Brendon who is of Catholic Irish origins and concerned citizen of Australia who is worried about the disproportionate influence and meddling of a Foreign Entity that he warns is threatening the security of all Australian citizens which again Brendon openly mentions in all his videos.


May the strength of God pilot us, and the power of God preserve us,
May the wisdom of God instruct us and the Hand of God protect us,
May the way of God direct us,
May the shield of God defend us.
[old Irish Gaelic Blessing]

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    the psycho schizophrenic O’ConHell – true to form- has thrown Barrett under the boss. Featured in his latest video. What a backstabbing pos. Let Israel feed him to the dogs. O’ConHell is no hero, he’s an abuser and a swindler

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