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A.K. Dewdney: How did a respectable scientist end up editing a “conspiracy newsletter”? (The New World Intelligencer)

Broadcast here November 20th 11 to noon Eastern. All my shows are available at my Patreon page – please subscribe and keep this program going!

A.K. Dewdney‘s Wikipedia page now begins: “Alexander Keewatin Dewdney (born August 5, 1941, in London, Ontario) is a Canadian mathematician, computer scientist, author, filmmaker, and conspiracy theorist.” Quite an impressive list of occupations and accomplishments…especially that last item!

What led such a brilliant and well-informed science professor to start espousing non-mainstream interpretations of current and historical events? The answer is simplicity itself. The man values truth—in science, mathematics, history, and current events.

In this interview Dr. Dewdney discusses his career trajectory, which has led to his latest project: An upgraded version of the New World Intelligencer (NWI), a compendium of alternative media stories that is currently being sent out to members of SPINE, but which will soon appear with its own website. We exchange views and gossip about leading alt-media personalities, touch on the latest and most important NWI stories, and entertain an alternative perspective on the climate change issue raised by Gideon Polya in my previous show.

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