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Kevin consults lawyers on anthrax, Palestine, and more!

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Kevin and Barry at the 2015 Million Man March in DC

First hour: Frederick, MD attorney Barry Kissin on Trump vs. the Deep State, the specter of World War III, Robert Mueller’s connection to the 9/11-anthrax coverup, and much more. Barry is an expert on the anthrax aspect of the 9/11-anthrax false flag event. He has written numerous hard-hitting op-eds and letters in the Frederick News-Post, including this one on the push for war against Russia.

Second hour: London, Ontario human rights attorney Edward Corrigan on Israeli apartheid.  He is the author of many articles including “Israel and Apartheid: A Framework for Legal Analysis,” collected in Ghada Ageel, ed., Apartheid in Palestine. Edward Corrigan, like yours truly, is a frequent commentator on Press TV.

One Thought to “Kevin consults lawyers on anthrax, Palestine, and more!”

  1. Barry Kissin writes:

    But also see:
    With New D.C. Policy Group, Dems Continue to Rehabilitate and Unify With Bush-Era Neocons
    Glenn Greenwald July 17 2017
    ‘Soft Coup’ on Trump, Hiding in Plain Sight
    June 8, 2017
    Robert Parry

    Greenwald (also a lawyer) is not lawyering for Trump. Nor is Robert Parry. Nor am I, as you joked I was at the beginning of your second hour.

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