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Charlottesville false flag hoax?! Some of my readers and radio listeners doubt the official story

Most Recent Show: Jonathan Revusky and Linh Dinh on 9/11 and other big lies 
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Charlottesville false flag hoax?! Some of my readers and radio listeners doubt the official story

Regime change needed in “Saudi” Arabia! Kevin Barrett debates pro-Saudi flack Jihad Mouracadeh

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Recent Show: Kevin consults lawyers on anthrax, Palestine, and more! 
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Ernst Zundel and the Charlottesville alt-right riots

New False Flag Weekly News:

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Recent Show: Cynthia McKinney gives her take on #UNRIG and more 
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Recent Show: Bishop Richard Williamson on his Catholic “truth jihad” 
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Trump to investigate Mueller for 9/11-anthrax? Trump to investigate Mueller for 9/11-anthrax?
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Most Recent Show: Charles Upton: Can Covenants Initiative save the world? 
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An Offering of the Covenants of the Prophet Muhammad to the Christians of the World in the Twenty-First Century

US Empire Collapsing – With or Without World War III?

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Recent Show: Revisionist historian Michael Hoffman; Part 2 of Wayne Coste’s revisionist take on what hit the Pentagon 
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3 Thoughts to “Charlottesville false flag hoax?! Some of my readers and radio listeners doubt the official story”

  1. Anonymous

    Have you seen Truthdig lately? It is more ultra-right than ever, and completely overrun with trolls.

  2. I re-listened to the Jack Shaheen podcast.

    Well, the staying away from the real issues – issues that bring with them fear, pain, suffering and blood shed to the Creation of Allah – is painful to witness once again.

    When Kevin tries to steer the discussion toward the culprits behind the ongoing malicious destruction of the M.E., all of a sudden : "he doesn't know much about the middle east". How convenient !!!. Even lending just a little bit of his positive energy to those who are trying to stop such injustices, is out of the question as far as he is concerned.

    On the subject of 9-11, he shamelessly says that he didn't look into it and that he WON'T look into it. WAOW !. Being silent – especially those who have a large audience they can reach and therefore can make a positive difference – is simply being complicit. Doesn't a Latin proverb say : "He who remains silent is understood to consent" ?.

    This podcast was in 2014 and he died July 2017 So, instead of accepting the opportunity that Kevin offered him and tell it like it is, what has his cowardice/hypocritical stance gained him ?. 3 more years of comfortable living ?. 3 more years of fake smiles by the professional pretenders in the academic circles ?. Some applauses for his ego ?. People who pretend to fight for truth and justice, Allah will put them to test so that their real nature becomes evident for all to see.

    As a side note, I noticed that some people are very good at picking a trivial/whatever issue, then home in on it and turn it into a lucrative source of income. This guy, Michael Moore and Chris Hedges come to mind.

    The way I see it, say ALL the truth, or don't say it at all and keep your mouth shut, because a half truth becomes a lie, a lie by omission.

    Another side note : Most people like and claim that they relate to the song ('I won't back down' by 'Tom Petty'), while being the most cowardly obedient and in love with their chains, hoping to be rewarded by their masters as more and more weight is being piled up on their shoulders.

    Please, forgive my brutal honesty, but I am not in the business of stroking anybody's ego (just like a cat !!).

  3. Well said. You've come to the right radio show ; – )

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