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Richard Belzer on “Corporate Conspiracies” – and JFK, 9/11, Zionism

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Actor and bestselling author Richard Belzer is not a conspiracy theorist – he’s a conspiracy realist. Belzer’s new book, co-authored with David Wayne, is Corporate Conspiracies: How Wall Street Took Over Washington. Well-researched and thoroughly documented (featuring more footnotes than your average academic tome) Corporate Conspiracies tackles the mainstream media monopoly, the perpetual war conspiracy, big pharma, the banksters, the prison-industrial complex, big pharma’s murder of Richard’s friend Robin Williams…and much more – including 9/11 truth.  (The treatment of WTC-7 on p.68-70 is worth the price of admission.)

In this interview we discuss the book, then wander off into the JFK conspiracy (the topic of Belzer and Wayne’s Hit List) and finish with an exchange of somewhat different views on the hot-button topic of Zionism.

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