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Elias Davidsson: 26/11 was a false flag – new 900-page book makes the case

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Researcher Elias Davidsson has shown that there is no evidence any Muslims hijacked planes on 9/11. (See his book Hijacking America’s Mind on 9/11, reviewed here.)

Now Elias is back with a new book on “India’s 9/11” – the 26/11/2008 attacks on Mumbai. Entitled The Betrayal of India: Revisiting the 26/11 Evidence, Elias’s new book shows that the Mumbai false flag operation was likely a two-part joint effort by US/UK operators (the “foreign segment”) and Indian intelligence (the “domestic segment”), with a possible Israeli segment as well (the attack on the Jewish center).

Elias argues that supposed “26/11 mastermind” David Headley — a CIA agent who operated under DIA cover — is just a red herring who probably had nothing to do with the operation.

Initial announcements by the Indian government that nine terrorists had been arrested — which later changed to “oops, those nine terrorists are actually all dead, we only have one live one” — are just one example of the countless lies, outrageous inconsistencies, and blatantly obvious cover-ups surrounding the events of 26/11.

Did the US/NATO and its British partners orchestrate 26/11 to increase their dominance over India (i.e. “partnership in the ‘war on terror'”) and torpedo India’s move toward the Shanghai alliance? Or did Islamophobic ultra-nationalist Hindu extremists in India’s intelligence service RAW, together with  equally ultra-nationalistic anti-Islam extremists in Israel’s Mossad, stage 26/11 as part of the long-term destabilization of Pakistan — whose end-game will be an attempt to take down Pakistan’s nuclear capability?

Or is the correct answer “all of the above”?

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