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Who are the real terrorists? Palestinian resistance targets soldiers, while Israelis massacre women and children

My book Questioning the War on Terror explores the question of what “terrorism” means, whether it’s really a threat to Americans, and who’s really behind it

By Kevin Barrett,

Was the Palestinian who drove a truck into a crowd of Israeli soldiers a “terrorist”?

Of course not.

The word “terrorism” means “attacking civilians to incite fear.” The Palestinian truck driver did not attack civilians. He attacked soldiers. So call him a “resistance fighter” or “freedom fighter” or “anti-occupation combatant” or whatever else you want. But the one thing he obviously is NOT is a terrorist.

The Israel government and its IDF, however, are terrorists. They systematically target civilians to induce fear. Every few years they massacre another few thousand Gaza civilians, bombing hospitals and ambulances, strafing kids playing soccer on the beach, and drenching families with white phosphorous.

Maybe that Palestinian truck driver should be called an “anti-terrorism commando.”

If Obama thinks “counterterrorism” means cowards at video-game consoles drone-massacring people at wedding parties because one or two of the people at the wedding belong to a group fighting to liberate their homeland from foreign occupation…well, in that case, taking out a bunch of IDF occupation terrorists in an operation that requires the anti-terrorism fighter to give up his life is downright HEROIC as counter-terror ops go.

But what about the similarities between this truck attack and the previous ones in Berlin and (last summer) in Nice?

The two truck attacks in Europe were indeed terrorist attacks. They targeted civilians, and incited fear.

And were carried out by the State of Israel, probably with help from its Gladio/NATO assets.

As I reported in the book Orlando False Flag: The Clash of Histories:

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Meanwhile in Europe, the other principle bastion of what passes for Western civilization, back-to-back anti-Islam false flags in Nice, France and Munich, Germany were both recorded and propagandized by the same Israeli-Mossad-linked photographer. Richard Gutjahr, a cameraman whose wife Einat Wilf is a leading Israeli operator, was pre-positioned on a balcony in Nice to film the beginning of the July 14, 2016 truck attack. Gutjahr’s iconic footage was heavily promoted in the global media; no mainstream journalists bothered to ask why Gutjahr happened to be on that balcony and for no discernable reason began to film what must have appeared to be an ordinary truck beforeit had begun to mow people down.
Then on July 22, Gutjahr was apparently once again in the right place at the right time, photographing the Munich, Germany shopping mall shooting and posting the images to his Twitter account—then taking down the images, which simultaneously disappeared from a Russia Todayreport, just minutes after being exposed in a Veterans Today article by this author.[i]
Gutjahr’s wife Einat Wilf is a former Israeli Intelligence Officer in Unit 8200 who served as foreign policy advisor to Shimon Peres. She is a strategic consultant to MacKenzie and Co. in New York, and a general partner in Core Venture Capital in Israel. In 2007 she ran for the presidency of the World Jewish Congress.[ii] The claim that such a person’s spouse’s apparent foreknowledge of two back-to-back terror attacks can be accounted for by coincidence would boggle the mind of the craziest coincidence theorist.

[i]Kevin Barrrett, “BREAKING! Same Israeli photo-propagandist pre-positioned in Nice AND NOW MUNICH.” (
[ii]Interview with Ole Dammegard, July 20, 2016. ( Also see:

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