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Jonathan Revusky on Anti-Religious Religious Fanatics (ARRFs)

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Read Revusky’s brilliant article, prefaced and afterworded by yours truly

Mainstream media, academia – the whole dominant discourse, really – tell us that secularists are the reasonable people, whereas religious folk tend to be fundamentalist, irrational, potentially extremist crazies. But is that really the case? Or is the dominant Western secularist worldview itself permeated with intolerance, fanaticism and irrationality?

In his new article (introduced and prefaced by yours truly) Jonathan Revusky submits that the real dominant Western religion is AARF: Anti-Religion Religious Fanaticism. Its main tenets are as follows:

 DM. The Democracy Myth. This is surely the central ARRF sacred narrative, this notion that government in the U.S.A. and other Western countries emerges from the will of the ordinary people — you know, via the fact that, every four years or so, you get to go into a polling booth and vote for one grinning idiot or another one. There is really no more reason to believe in this than in Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny.

PC. Alternatively: the Social Justice Narrative -— feminism, multiculturalism, gay rights and all that jazz…

CT. The weaponized Conspiracy Theory construct. I have written extensively about this over the last year. One could alternatively call it the New York Times Cult. A traditional religious person believes something because it is in the Bible. The HIQI, a.k.a. the true believer in ARRF, believes something because it is in the New York Times. Or possibly the Guardian or the BBC — whatever mainstream media venue. In practice, the term “conspiracy theory”, like “democracy”, is close to meaningless. Basically, it’s just a new way of saying “heresy”.

GW. The Good War synthetic narrative. Alternatively, we could call this the RRN (Roger Rabbit Narrative) version of WW2. Essentially, the war is presented as a kind of supreme moral battle between the forces of good and the forces of pure evil. The biggest single subcomponent of this is the Auschwitz death cult, a.k.a. “Holocaustianity”.

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