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Matthew Howard reports on India’s ban on cash (and debates Kevin on various issues)

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Matthew Howard thinks both Modi and Hitler have gotten a bad rap. 

Matthew Howard did a lot of unauthorized research on Freemasonry and lived to tell about it. (Listen to him tell about it on Truth Jihad Radio.) Now Matt lives in exile in India, where Hindu-extremist PM Modi has suddenly banned the use of larger-denomination cash notes which constitute 80 percent of India’s cash in circulation, creating crises in liquidity and banking. Should the Indian people wait in long slow-moving lines in hopes of trading in their bills, like good sheeple? or revolt and overthrow Modi? I argue for the latter, Matt not so much.

3 Thoughts to “Matthew Howard reports on India’s ban on cash (and debates Kevin on various issues)”

  1. Anonymous

    Matthew sadly fails to acknowledge that many if not most of these Muslims in India are Indians whose religion is Islam
    The Hatred and bigotry that Hindus have for Muslims did not start with the onset of Wahabism. Hindus and Sikhs were incited by the British and also by the Jews/Israelis to hate Muslim Indians. Jews worked closely with the Hindus during partition and were involved in the assassination of Ghandi.
    Gujarati Hindus are among the most violent in India as is the BJP party. Sadly Matthew has inherited his Hindu family's negativity and dislike of Muslims. It comes through in his talk.
    My mother was born in Agra, India as were her parents, grandparents etc and always considered themselves as Indians. My mother's family were HOUNDED out of India, forced to leave their land, their Homes, fleeing for their lives with just the clothes on their backs as a rampage of Hindu gangs were going around slaughtering Muslims. My mother 's family escaped just in time and like many Muslim Hindus settled in the region that we now call Pakistan as there was a large Muslim Minority in that region.

    Years ago I heard a talk by an Indian professor on an American talk show [Hesham Tillawi'] This Indian guy I recall was a Jain and he stated that these Hindus were not indigenous to India – that these Brahman Hindus were a Tribe [some say Jewish Tribe] with their racist and exclusive mindset, who came and settled in India and eventually took control, spread Hinduism etc.. I wish I could find that radio show.

    Hindus commit more Terrorist attacks in India than any other group and that includes the Maoists.

    Gujaratis as I said before, are among the most vicious and anti Muslim Hindus in India.

    But when they wanted independence from the British, Muslims and Hindus worked together to achieve their independence.

    Many Indian traitors who worked with the British were Hindus and Sikhs, many of whom served in the British Raj Army.

    No matter what Matthew says, Modi is a murderer.

    the deliberate and systematic extermination of a national, racial, political, or cultural group is the definition of Genocide* so Matthew is wrong is claiming these mass deaths of Muslim Indians as not being Genocide. So you were correct in your use of the word. It may not be on the same scale as a Holocaust which is massive death and destruction, but is Genocide nonetheless due to the definition I have quoted.

    What is being done to Rohingyas can also be classified as Genocide but what has happened against Iraqis, Syrians,Libyans and Yemenis is a Holocaust as is Israel's attack on Gaza.

    so on this topic on India and Modi, I disagree with Matthew. He obviously is BIASED . Modi, the RACIST Hindu BJP Party, virulently anti Muslim and against other Minorities [Christian Indians, Jains] work closely with Israel which arms and trains Indian Police and military and Israel assisted Hindu India with its Nuclear Arsenal, seeing the Hindus as a fir ally against Muslims, sharing the same odious racism and hatred for them as Israel has.

    [and btw, just a small footnote, most people with name of 'Howard' are Jewish [yes there are Irish Jews, and at the time of Cromwell, many Jews were brought back to England after Charles 1 was executed as he had banned Jews from England and Cromwell was financially backed by Jews who had help from the Scots- from Robert the Bruce]

  2. Anonymous


    Just want to bring you this:


    1. Event that has the attention of the global society : Obama's speech today at Acropolis, Greece.
    2. Date : 16/11 = 27 = 9+9+9
    3. Signs from prior terror attacks : Nice truck attack.

  3. Someone emailed me this.
    So let me be clear on your most out there / woo-woo claim.
    I am a Jew am I … an Irish Jew?

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