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Joachim Hagopian on Weiner’s “life insurance” Hillary emails; Art Olivier on why the apocalypse will begin on November 26th

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First half hour: Joachim Hagopian, contributor to my edited book Orlando False Flag, discusses his new articles:

Corrupt Clinton Crime Cartel along with Hillary’s Presidential Hopes May be Crumbling into Oblivion


The Real Reasons Why FBI Director James Comey Reopened the Hillary Email Investigation

Are Saturn/Satan worshippers plotting the apocalypse? Art Olivier thinks so.
Second half hour: Art Olivier, producer of Operation Terror, says the apocalypse – a global nuclear war beginning with EMP weapons that destroy America’s electrical grid – will begin this November 26th. Art basis this prediction on…well, check out his videos:

WWIII starts on 11/26/2016, the Peril of 1000 Suns

Satan/Saturn Worshipers End Electricity on 11/26/2016

Texas Balloon Hoax & EMP Weapon

Is Art serious? Well, he has moved out of Southern California and is now hiding out on a rural ranch at an undisclosed location, waiting for the grid to collapse. If it doesn’t, we’re going to have one heck of a party at his place on November 27th, feasting on his stored food and enjoying the wonders of electricity.

5 Thoughts to “Joachim Hagopian on Weiner’s “life insurance” Hillary emails; Art Olivier on why the apocalypse will begin on November 26th”

  1. Anonymous

    I hope he is right about the masse is waking up, but I don't think the sheeple are smart enough, great show.

  2. Anonymous

    11/26/2016 is the beginning of the Tribulations/WWIII. 9/23/2017 is the start of the Apocalypse.

    Santos Bonacci is the researcher on Saturn i mentioned.

    -Art Olivier

  3. Thanks for the clarification.

    But in normal general usage “apocalypse” = WWIII and most people don’t know what the Tribulations means, so I will keep the headline as is.

  4. Anonymous

    Trump has given up…his speeches are not someone trying to win. He speaks through his applause lines, and is just going through the motions…Wearing his hat covering his eyes so you can't see his facial expressions. No tie anymore, body language, voice tone, and attitude are sad.

    It is OVER.

    Rest easy

  5. Anonymous

    When my mother-in-law disappears next month, I am counting on Art Olivier to explain to the authorities how she was very likely raptured to Saturn. She will be sorely missed…wink,wink…

    I hope Art Olivier won't be busy trying to start WWIII to avoid hosting the big party he promised everybody.

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