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Ken O’Keefe, Eric Walberg, Cynthia McKinney live on Truth Jihad Radio!

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First hour: Geopolitics expert Eric Walberg emailed me wondering about “predictive programming” during the run-up to 9/11. He’s not impressed by the famous Simpsons 9/11 image, but the Lone Gunman episode about remote-hijacked jetliners crashing into the Trade Towers got his attention. He is coming around on 9/11 truth, at least to the point of admitting that WTC-7 is indeed a “smoking gun.”

Since Eric was late for the show, I spent the first half hour with legendary activist Ken O’Keefe, who has been dealing with criticism from an ex-member of his team at World Citizen Solutions. My own view is that while Ken may have made some dubious decisions, compounded by stresses from his personal life, he is obviously a dedicated, sincere activist with tremendous talent and potential. Having seen how witch hunts work, I sympathize with him, and hope and expect that he will get his life and activist projects straightened out, and make bigger-than-ever contributions to changing the world for the better.

Second hour: Six-term congresswoman Cynthia McKinney, a 9/11 skeptic from the get-go, may be America’s most courageous and honest political voice. We discuss whether the truth movement should unite behind the Green Party ticket of Jill Stein and frequent Truth Jihad Radio guest Ajamu Baraka; and Cynthia suggests an even larger vision: “Vote ABC” (anybody but Clinton) and “ABD” (Anybody But a Democrat) since the Democrats are now the main voice of the banksters’ war party.

Note: My conversation with Cynthia McKinney was plagued by bizarre “technical difficulties” – it seems that someone was inserting obnoxious noises into the background in an effort to disrupt the show. Are Barrett-McKinney conversations really THAT dangerous?

2 Thoughts to “Ken O’Keefe, Eric Walberg, Cynthia McKinney live on Truth Jihad Radio!”

  1. Anonymous

    Great idea!!! I love Cynthia McKinney. I used to love, but lately it seems like an ultra-conservative rag. Has anyone else noticed this? How could this have happened?

  2. Anonymous

    some reflections on your 9/11 mind control worry: there's no excuse for people (we are their 'prophets' excuse the sacrilege) not to see the light.

    little shop of horrors — the 1986 musical — it's all there. (there are countless other fine popular films that have the message, tho not necessarily the answers)

    capitalism = the plant. it screams at you.
    yes, the cheney monsters are devouring the innocent and terrifying us. but the film was made, it's there.
    funny, it's not become famous. it's too insightful.
    really, the answers are all 'out there', but we're too lazy to act on them.
    the mind control scenario is not the last word.

    i/ stockhausen don't know if its cheney or the iconic 17 saudi martyrs. the point is that however it happened, it's miraculous. the dark forces of the universe at work. there are 'bad' miracles too.

    i asked my friend as we toked 'what do you think about 9/11?'
    'i don't know. i think it was the boys.'
    'what about 'who benefits'?'
    'nobody benefited.'
    'come on. who got jobs, big profits after 9/11?
    [he didn't know – finally coaxed out 'soldiers', but i guess he's not that savvy. most people don't connect the dots. so maybe the mind control is just to keep people as quivering zombies. we are just cassandras talking to the deaf.]

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