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Ethan Indigo Smith: Did coffee fuel the free thought revolution?

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Ethan Indigo Smith‘s email arrived just as I was sitting down with a cup of stovetop espresso:

“It is hypothesized that caffeine and the café were essential in the advent of free thinking and open communication of enlightened ideas, ideas of liberty. The café provided just the right stimulant, in just the right environment to enable discussion of questions. The café was a gathering place for the community to come together and communicate. The café may have been the first place where people openly proclaimed their resentment of monopolization and special privileges of the royalty, nobility and clergy.”

In this interview we discuss the way coffee and other drugs have shaped culture and history; the ongoing war on free thought, recently exemplified by the witch hunt targeting Green Party Vice Presidential candidate Ajamu Baraka due to his association with yours truly; the planetary environmental crisis and possible solutions, including (alleged) free energy…and much more.

Ethan Indigo Smith, author of several books including The Complete Patriot’s Guide to Oligarchy is the son of a farmer and nurse who was later adopted by artists. Ethan was raised in Maine, Manhattan, and Mendocino, California. Ethan is a proud dropout. Ethan has traveled the world and has been employed briefly as Private Detective in the Boston Area. He has also been a dishwasher, a valet, a snowboard instructor and always a poet. 
Ethan Indigo Smith meditates, practices Wu tai chi chuan, The Five Tibetan Rites and various yoga. Ethan snowboards and researches nuclear experimentation. Ethan plays basketball and is a philosopher. Ethan is an activist, mainly with the pen, always siding with individuals among institutions, comfortable most anywhere. 
All of Ethan’s writing, no matter if philosophy or satire, is focused to enhancing consciousness. He writes towards a peaceful world with a sharp and unique perspective.

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