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Burkini ban: Cultural Marxists vs. “shariah takeover” ?

Guest post by Anonymous

With this Burkini ban, it is clear that the authorities have no intention of allowing a Sharia take-over in France, which could turn the average native French household from this:

to this:
France under “Shariah law” ?
undoing decades of work on the part of the cultural marxists. They must be convinced that through culture propaganda coupled with this kind of legislation, they can “assimilate” all the migrants.

2 Thoughts to “Burkini ban: Cultural Marxists vs. “shariah takeover” ?”

  1. Anonymous

    "Assimilating" means "being forced by cops to remove your clothes in public" ? No wonder they're having trouble getting people to "assimilate."

  2. Anonymous

    The whole idea of the 3 world wars guys is to pit Christianity against Islam, and the Jews too, mutual annihilation.

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