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28 pages debate – then Cynthia McKinney weighs in

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First hour: Cheryl Curtiss and Barry Kissin (later joined by Les Jamieson) debate the secret 28 pages!

Is the push to declassify the secret 28 pages from the 2002 Joint Congressional Inquiry into 9/11 just a “blame the Saudis” limited hang-out? Or are its leading advocates including Congressman Walter Jones and former Senator Bob Graham sincere about using this issue to re-open the 9/11 case and push for a new and (this time) real investigation?

Cheryl Curtiss, who criticizes the 28 pages movement for not citing the research of the 9/11 truth movement, helped organize the Deep State Track at the Left Forum in New York two weeks ago. Barry Kissin and Les Jamieson, who also presented at the Left Forum, are advocates of the movement to release the 28 pages represented at

Second hour: Former six-term Congressional Representative and Green Party presidential candidate Cynthia McKinney weighs in on the 28 pages and much more. She discusses the larger problem of the deep state (the topic of her recent Ph.D. dissertation advised by Peter Dale Scott), the catastrophic candidacy of Hillary Clinton, the conversion of Congressman Walter Jones from maniacal warmonger to peace advocate and truth-seeker, her own contribution to We Are NOT Charlie Hebdo discussing the development of the truth-seeking community, and much more.

7 Thoughts to “28 pages debate – then Cynthia McKinney weighs in”

  1. Anonymous

    I overheard shortly after 9/11 a US Marine who was talking to a friend on a classified Ham Radio Freq. Tell his friend that he was a Courier before the attacks who was given a set of documents he had to deliver to Engineers on the 40ith floor of building 2. After having delivered the documents to the Engineer, started asking a few questions. It seems that the Engineer had quite a lot to say.

    The Engineer told the young Marine that the World Trade Buildings were all built with Hazardous materials and shoddy workmanship, and would need to be Demolished at the Owners Expense, unless a Disaster of some sort would befall the buildings. And since the Insurance companies who insured them from such things would only cover Natural Disasters and "Acts Of God" or "Acts Of TERROR" then any other thing would COST The Owners a Great Deal More to Level and start over, than it did to build them to start with.

    It seems the Money Men of this country had a massive amount to loose unless they came up with a way to keep from loosing all that money. So what was said in this article is very True, and the Money Men who Owned the Trade Buildings were also the same ones who designed this Grand Scheme in the first place. Just saying

    I actually heard much more but I had to condense this a little.

  2. Anonymous

    as usual you did a great job as host and bringing some order when Barry would lose his cool, I've never heard either of them before or my CRS has taken over and I don't remember, and I have not looked at the web site, it seems like Cheryl take was that what Barry would say on this show was different than what he said on his site, so is he agent for misinformation or what? but I got the idea Barry would try to put Cheryl down.

  3. Anonymous

    Kissin is a rabid Zionist that has pulled the wool over your eyes. That radio piece with Cheryl and he is so very telltale…to those who are not biased in his defense. A Jewish Fetzer deal for you Kevin…

  4. Anonymous

    Cynthia McKinney's take on the 26 pages was right on.

  5. But what about the other two? ; – )

  6. Anonymous

    Kevin, I listened to this yesterday, and someone, you or Cynthia maybe, made the comment that Barbara Honneger was not at the DC Truth Emergency Conference at American University in Washington in July, 2005. But she was, I am fairly certain. If I remember correctly, she gave a talk about the discrepancy between the timing of the clocks at the Pentagon and when the building was actually hit, or something about Cheney, and how that proved it, though I can't remember all the details exactly. Most of the attendees had gone to the lecture about the Oklahoma bombing, but I stayed in the main conference room, and listened to her talk.

    The only other conference I ever attended about 9/11 was the one at George Mason University in Alexandria a few years later, where you and Webster Tarpley and Madsen and the State Dept. person in the Middle East who had issued the visas to some of the "hijackers" spoke. My memory is fuzzy about who that was.

  7. That was Michael Springman. I interviewed him recently:

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